Sugar on Trial

In large quantities, sugar is responsible for many ailments. It is for this very reason that some people opt to remove it completely from their diet, while others become “addicts”.

Alcohol and health

The Christmas and New Year period is traditionally a period of excesses. Getting together with family or friends is often an excuse to enjoy meals in a festive spirit.

Are you bigorexic?

Addictions like bigorexia are more common than people might think. Are you concerned?

What is the Glycemic index?

When we eat carbohydrates, whether simple (white sugar) or complex (starchy), the amount of sugar we have in the blood is impacted. Diabetics are very familiar with the glycemic index which measures the impact of foods on blood sugar levels: a variation naturally causes hypo and hyperglycemias, which are to be avoided by diabetics, and whose signs can also sometimes be detected in healthy people.