TOP 5 Beach activities

Sun, white sand, hot days… What else?

It’s nice to enjoy as much as possible your holidays, so your days are full of cultural tour, mountain walks, bike rides, museum visits… But once in a while, you also need to REST. You are kind of engaged to your family by offering them some days off at the beach. But, it’s at this time of the year that everything gets complicated. You are not the kind of person that stays all day log on your beach towel lying and tanning, and doing absolutely nothing. We got it! You want some fun.

No worries, Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist, Diet Coach, expert in eating habits and founder of her own method takes your nightmares off your mind and gives you the 5 TOP activities to enjoy while at the beach, to stay fit and have fun!

1. A nice walk

Choose a walking partner –  could be your spouse, your friend, or even your kids – and go walk on the sandy beaches! Nothing better to do than relax and walk on the peaceful beaches nature has to offer…

This exercice is one of the best physical activities that you can do because you can do it whenever and wherever you want and most of all you don’t need to have special equipments or machines!

Walking is a real physical activity because indeed, by doing it you burn around 250 kcal per hour! And even better, walking helps you lower your arterial tension, control your weight, be happier and stay fit. Moreover, it massages you feet and keeps up with your blood circulation: ideal when it’s a hot day outside!

So, ladies, get yourself ready, set and go for a walk!

2. Racket games

Easy to carry, rackets are your “top of the list” beach toys. Between friends or family, on the sand or in the water, it’s a fun way to spend some quality time by burning some calories, without even thinking about it.

Easy game: you just need 1 ball, 2 rackets, 1 partner and let the game start! You can either play on the beach sand or in the water : really refreshing 🙂 …

This awesome game will allow you stay fit while doing something fun. You will be able to train some of your major muscles: legs, arms, shoulders and butt. During this activity, remind yourself that you will burn around 450 kcal per hour!

3. Swimming

All you need is a mask, tuba, flippers and go discover the sea and its habitants! You will maybe see some really colorful fish, or our friends the jellyfish… What do you prefer?

Swimming is a complete physical activity that allows you do develop and train ALL of you body! This sport will let your whole body fit in the right way. In addition, you can vary you pleasures by changing the swim types – such as crawl, butterfly and breaststroke – to then train you different muscles.

Also, this sport will help you keep track of your weight, you blood flow, and cardiac activity. And… like we said earlier, it’s a complete sport because you actually burn 280 kcal per hour! WOW!

4. Beach Volley

If you came to the beach with some friends or family, it’s the right sport for you!

All you need is a ball, and with some luck a volley net will be waiting for you at the beach. If not just… draw a line on the sand and it will be perfect too 🙂

With this activity you will be more flexible, gain more concentration and tone. Cherry on top? You will be able to fit your butt, you thighs and your abs during practice. Oh, and you’ll burn around 500 kcal per hour. Call that the BEST SPORT E-V-E-R!

5. Frisbee

It’s actually a very popular game, which strengthens all of your muscles. This game is very simple, you just have to throw the frisbee at your team mate and so on. You can also play it with more people by creating two teams of 4, for example.

The benefits of this? You will burn 190 kcal per hour. You will gain in endurance, which will help your body take all the fat away… You will also gain in precision and rapidity so don’t wait, frisbee is made just for you!



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