Sports to boost your heart

Your heart is a muscle, so it needs to be trained to function properly.

Maïa Baudelaire, nutritionist, Diet Coach, expert in eating habits and founder of her own method — first coaching website refunded by health insurances — tells you about the best way to keep a healthy heart.

Train your endurance

Physical activity has a protective action on your heart, lowering your risks to develop cardiovascular diseases.

The most practiced endurance workouts are Swimming, Running and Biking. Those activities will be very practical and beneficial to your heart.

Where to start?

Start gently so that your body and muscles get used to it.

Schedule 2 or 3 weekly training sessions. Start with 20 to 30 mins of biking, running or swimming and with some practice you’ll be able to make those sessions longer.


By practicing sports, you will of course sweat, even at the pool! So to balance the water lost by your body, drink water regularly and don’t forget your water bottle during your sport sessions: it’s the best way to avoid sour.


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