Nutritionist or dietitian?

Sad because you cannot reach your weight goal before summer? Keep calm, you need some time to listen to your body and to loose those kilos without gaining them back after! To get motivation and be sure you’ll reach your goal, you need to consult a Nutirtion professional. Yes, but which one?

The main question is twhat’s the difference between a nutritionist and dietitian? Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist, Diet Coach, expert in eating habits and founder of her own method explains you how to distinguish a dietitian to a nutritionist.

According to a French professional website ONISEF, a dietitian is a health and dietic professional. He knows how to offer adapted diets according to age, lifestyle, tastes, and health.

The “Nutritionist” status is not regulated by any law, so anyone can be called like that… The real nutritionist is a doctor which during his medical studies specialized in Nutrition.

Unfortunately, many people are called “nutritionists” without even having a medicine degree. Yes, their tips to loosing weight might work out for the first weeks, but once your goal will be achieved, you will most likely gain those lost kilos once again…

To be sure you’re goning to see the write person, please consult a registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Let’s sum up:

A nutritionist is a specialist in disorders and nutritional diseases whereas a Dietician is a dietary specialist whose title is registered with a required level of study and graduation.

Still didn’t find the right dietitian-nutritionist?

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