SPECIAL EDITION : Athlete hydration

There you are in the ENERGY phasis of La Méthode de Maïa Baudelaire®, you’ve becme a great athlete so now, your body needs will change. You need to adapt your eating habits according to the calories you burn during workouts.

This following article is written for athletes who train for 3h or more during the week.

Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist, Diet Coach, expert in eating habits and founder of her own method www.maiabaudelaire.com answered recurring questions asked by our community.

When should I drink when I practice sport? (Bastien. C, 93, Seine-Saint-Denis)


It is important that you drink before you feel thirst because at that time, you have already lost 10% of your physical abilities. So you need to stay hydrated before (to prevent dehydration), during, and of course after exercise to compensate water loss.

What types of beverages can I drink during effort? (Lucie. M, 13, Marseille)


You have to choose your drink based on the intensity of your efforts.

First , remember that water is your best friend and it’s the athlete’s favorite drink. You can also drink water bicarbonate as Vichy Celestin® to alkalinize your blood at the end of your sport sessions. For optimal hydration, choose an isotonic drink (you can find in supermarkets or make it at home).

Finally, if your session is over 1h, take an energy drink, it will allow you to offset your losses in water, carbohydrates and minerals lost during effort!

What are the benefits of a good hydratation? (Laurane. V, 75, Paris)


A good and healthy hydratation is a MUST during your training session because it will help thermogenesis, to delay your tiredness but also to reduce sour or tendonitis!

What happens to my body if it’s not well hydrated during effort? (Yann. D, 33, Bordeaux)

Yann ,

Poor hydration during the practice of physical activity can increase your heart rate, rapid fatigue, a drop in your physical performance and even injuries…

How much can I drink while I practice sports? (Louise. D, 75, Paris)


For optimal hydration, you must find the right balance that does not disturb you during your work ouk. You should drink 0.5L to 1.5L of water per hour depending on the intensity of your physical activity and outdoor temperature. Prefer a drink that is between 10° C and 15° C to avoid digestive problems, remember to split your fluid intake for optimal hydration!


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