Secrets of a healthy and light aperitif

At home, at the beach, at the restaurant, or while camping, it’s always nice to have a cool and light aperitif. Snacks, nuts, chips, pistachios and sweet cocktails are always present. Right? But it’s absolutely not the best thing.

Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist, Diet Coach, expert in eating habits and founder of her own method gives you her friendly advices for a lighter, heathier and friendly aperitif.

Did you say peanuts?

You love them, once you eat one, you usually finish them all! True? But forget about them because they are very salty and rich in fats. To vary the pleasures, try walnuts. Even if they are also rich in fats, it’s good fats! Good for you cardiovascular health, walnuts will bring you fatty acids which are necessary for your body.


20 peanuts = 236 kcal with 6.2g of good fats.

For the same calorie intake, you have 7 walnuts but 16.5g of good fats.

Did you say chips?

Yes, but only the homemade vegetable chips, then. By making your own chips, you can control more easily the fat quantity inside. For veggie chips, a simple touch of olive oil is enough to get a delicious taste. Choose veggies which are rich in fibers because they will give you satiety feeling quicker than industrial chips.


Take 2 chips industrial brands :

100g beetroot sea salt Chips from the Tyrrells brand brings you 466 Calories, 11.4 g of fiber and 32 grams of fat of which 4.2 g of “bad” fats.

On the other side, 100g Plain Lay’s Chips brings you 555 Calories, 4g of fiber and 34g of fat of which 3.5g of “bad” fats.

To make veggie chips an advantage,  you have to cook them to avoid excessive oil as do the brands. You don’t like vegetable chips? Make your own potato chips to reduce the amount of fat.

Did you say Brochettes?

Yes! Fruit brochettes! Full of vitamins and antioxidants that protect from cell aging! Melon, watermelon, grapes. You can also try cheese brochettes for a good calcium intake. Or, if you want some other brochette ideas, salmon, meats like chicken or ham is great, and for some color, add peppers or eggplants!


Why replace conventional crackers with fruit and vegetables. To convince you here is an example. If we wanted to eat 236 calories of carrots, you would have to eat 5 whole carrots ! Remember, 236 calories is what brings a handful of peanuts.

Did you say beverages?

During aperitifs, the main calorie intake comes from alcohol and sweet beverages. Try to vary as much as possible the different drinks like one glass of alcohol, fruit juice, aromatized waters, sugarless sodas, granitas or smoothies.


A glass of red wine is equal to 105 kcal, a glass of whisky is 384 kcal, a canned beer around 178, a glass of champagne is 70, a Coke Can 140, Diet Coke 1 and water 0.

The most important: enjoy this moment with your friends and family!


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