How to hold all morning without snacking?

It’s 10 am and your tummy is starting to make some noises… After some time, you can hear the cookie box hidden in your cupboard saying “Eat me, eat me!”. How to not succumb to the temptation of snacking?

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day

It’s scientifically proven, people who take some time to eat a consistent breakfast eat less between meals…  And even better: they eat less during the next meal than people who skip breakfast! To better start your day, choose cereals products such as cereal bread, whole grain bread, a source of fat like butter, and a fresh fruit. But, don’t worry, if you can’t eat right after waking up, you can always bring it to work and eat it between two projects…!

Drink instead of eating

When you feel the need to eat, well, drink a bottle of water. Tired of drinking water? You can vary with tea, infusions… But don’t drink sweetener or artificially based drinks… If you must add some sweet flavor to your coffee, opt for Stevia, a natural sweetener. And if you really can’t, eat a fruit but please AVOID the vending machines! Everyone knows that it’s a trap to keep a healthy life but according to our study “Work makes you fat” 41% of workers use the vending machines 1 to 2 times per day…

Still need a healthy snack?

Ok, so I had a good healthy breakfast but I’m still hungry and it’s only 11am… Don’t worry, nothing’s stopping from taking a light snack. But, make the right choice! Prefer fresh fruits, some almonds, dry fruits, a smoothie, a soup or even a yoghurt… to keep up the good work until the next meal!


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