Vitamin C benefits

The best of the vitamins for health is… vitamin C! Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist and founder of her diet coaching I Love my Diet Coach® shares with you everything you need to know about this great vitamin and its benefits.

What’s a vitamin?

Vitamins are essential to your health. They’re a must on a daily basis: your body needs them to assure vital functions because it can’t produce them on its own… But don’t worry, vitamins are found is many many foods!

What is vitamin C good for?

First of all, vitamin C has a lot of functions. It helps to build and repair your bones, ligaments, and blood vessels. It promotes the absorption of iron from food. It also stimulates the immune system that helps fight against all kinds of infections. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that helps fighting against the cell aging and the cataract. But this short list is not finished, vitamin C has a lot of other positive effects!


The daily intakes of vitamin C depend on the age and health of anyone. But the NIH (Nation Institute of Health) recommends taking 93mg (= 2 oranges) of vitamin C for adults (and 110mg for smokers).

Which foods contain in vitamin C?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C: Kiwi, cabbage, citrus (orange, lemon, grapefruit…), peppers, natural aromatic herbs, acerola, ginseng etc…

Do I need to take food supplements?

For healthy adults who adapt a healthy eating, the supplement in vitamin is absolutely not needed. Just like the experts say “Eat five fruits and vegetables daily” and you’ll cover all the vitamin C needs.

Some precautions…

Vitamin C is maybe the “star” of the vitamins but its also the most fragile one. When cooking food which contains vitamin C, itwill loose its nutriments and all its good qualities.

My tip: eat fresh fruits and vegetables and keep them in a good room temperature the shortest time to avoid them being rotten.

For your personal culture…

To become more brillant that you already are, note that the scientific name of vitamin C is ascorbic acid. Now YOU know everything!


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