Learn everything about sweeteners

Everything started with the taste. Sour… bitter… salty… and sweet! Today, we’ll talk about the sweet taste! Can you girls resist a good ice cream or slice of chocolate cake? Good right? But, it’s not because you like it that it’s good for your health… In fact, the sweet foods are very rich in calories, so don’t abuse them if you want to stay fit and healthy! Scientists found out there IS A SOLUTION for you ladies who love sweets and they’re called SWEETENERS!

Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist, Diet Coach expert in eating behavior and founder of her own method maiabaudelaire.com unveils everything you need to know about those sweeteners!

First of all, sweeteners allows you to reduce the calories intake in your meal without affecting the pleasure of the sweet taste of sugar that you love.  They help manage your calories in a balanced diet.

They contain very little or even no calories, so they are mostly used in the food industry to replace sugar.

Here are the two groups of sweeteners:

  • Nutritive aspect of sweeteners: used in candies, cookies, ice cream or gum.
  • Intense or artificial sweeteners: very sweet, so they are used in very small quantities in the process food.

Mostly targeted to overweight and diabetic people, the sweeteners can be consumed by anyone EXCEPT by young children.

Moreover, you need to be careful, like any other products, to not abuse it, by respecting its ADI (acceptable daily intake).

You’ve maybe heard about the Sucralose? The famous artificial sweetener that sweetens up too 600 times more than regular sugar, and contains absolutely no calories! You can find it in various bakery foods,  milk produces, cereals and even candies.

To sum up, sweetener consumption allows you to vary your allowance in sugar by switching between real sugar and sweeteners. Thanks to them, you will still be able to eat that sweet dessert you’ve dreamed of for so long!

Anyways, keep in mind that natural sweeteners such as honey, agave syrup or Stévia are more recommended as they were not affected by any chemical changes. Their intake is mostly suggested for the people who wish to loose weight or for people with diabetes because they do not raise your sugar levels in the blood. Fun fact: natural sweeteners will bring you more vitamins and minerals! However,  be on your guards with chemical sweeteners, do not exceed daily dose as it may increase cancer risk…!


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