How to keep up with my tan?

Did you enjoy the beach, the pool and the sun this summer? Naps lying on the sand are over… but it’s time to go back to work! The big question everyone is asking is “How to make my tan last?”. I’m sure everyone wants to keep that beautiful color when you look at yourself in the mirror, no?

Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist, Diet Coach, expert in eating habits and founder of her own method gives you some real life tips to keep up with your tan!

TIP n°1

HY-DRATE! With water, tea and infusions of course. We can forget about that mojito or other high caloric cocktails with the risk of not being able to fit in your pants again… Carrot, tomato, beetroot and other colored vegetables juices are also very good because they are rich in lycopene, carotenoids, powerful antioxidants, the best friends of your skin!

TIP n°2

SCRUB! Your skin, your face… Once or twice a week, and hydrate your skin with milk or natural oil. You can also finish the sunscreen leftovers from your vacation so that you can also be protected when sun comes to lunch breaks outside in the terrasse 🙂

TIP n°3

Take the habit to have colored vegetables in your plate! Rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, they are your skin’s best friend ! Season them with Virgin Olive Oil because your skin needs good fats to be on TOP, and you too…!

There, you now know everything to keep a good tan! Now, check out the great recipe of Homemade Beetroot chips, more healthy than packed brand chips !


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