Special edition n°3 : Vegetarian, Vegan… What are the differences?

Those two specific diets became trendy for different reasons: first of all for health, but also for ethical and ideological convictions. Maïa Baudelaire, nutritionist, Diet Coach, expert in eating habits and founder of her own method www.maiabaudelaire.com explains you the two different forms of diets which are vegetarian and vegan.

The Vegetarian Diet

This diet is the less restrictive compared to Veganism. It easily consists of not eating meat, fish and sea food. This diet is 100% compatible with a good eating habit but be sure to replace meat with vegetable proteins like legumes (tofu, quinoa, soja, dry beans…)

The Vegan Diet

This is one of the most restrictive diets today. It’s the vegetarian diet plus the exclusion of animal products such as eggs, milk products (yogurt, cream, milk, cheese…) and honey. But Vegan Diet is a lot more than a “regular” diet, it’s also a “new” way of life that denies the exploitation and suffering of the animals. In addition to a vegan diet, vegan people do not wear fur, leather, wool, or any other product related to the exploitation of animals such as cosmetics for example. But, this particular diet can be lived with no problems: for instance, calcium can be found in green vegetables and in almonds so it’s possible to follow this diet but be careful to not have any nutritional deficiency…

Between health and ways of life, it’s your choice to do what you want but the best way to follow a diet is to follow my team of registered Dietitians.


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