The benefits of Dry fruits

Dry fruits have lots of health benefits not to forget, and even more when you want to lose weight… Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist, Diet Coach, expert in eating habits and founder of her own method explains you all of those benefits!

Dry or dried fruit

Above all, it is important to distinguish the dried nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pine nuts) and dried fruit (apricots, dates, grapes, bananas, prunes, figs). These two kinds of dried fruits do not have the same nutritional qualities.

Energy in small portions

The nuts are rich in good fats, they actively participate in the protection against cardiovascular diseases. They are still relatively high in calories and are therefore in moderation. Choose a handful of almonds or hazelnuts at the break 10am for example.

Dried fruits in turn represent an important source of carbohydrates (sugars). This is why athletes choose them to refuel in energy. Easy to slip in your pocket, you can take them anywhere.

Dry fresh fruit would mean to remove all the water they contain, so all the other components are concentrated and present in large quantities. Dried fruits are therefore rich in minerals such as magnesium, which participates in the regulation of heart beat and prevents hypertension ; potassium, needed for cell contraction and calcium, which is essential to the health of bones and teeth.


The fibers in nuts promote intestinal transit. The most popular dried fruits for their benefits on the intestines are prunes. With equal distribution of soluble and insoluble fiber, prunes are your intestinal transit’s friend. They also contain sorbitol, a  laxative effect sugar very little present in other plants.

When and how much I eat?

Dry fruits contain high energy so please consume them in moderation… 30 to 50g per day is enough.  Feel free to buy individual bags (30g).

During breakfast, you can add dried fruit to your cereal. During lunch, add pine nuts in your salad… And for the famous aperitif, offer your friends some plain almonds.


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