Why does Diet Coaching truly works?

More than 95% of the people who followed Maïa Baudelaire’s method I Love My Diet Coach® are totally satisfied!

So yes, we can say it loud, online diet coaching truly WORKS! Even more, american studies proved that phone coaching is as efficient as a face-to-face coaching in a cabinet.

Maïa Baudelaire, founder of the first online coaching refunded by health insurances, explains why diet coaching truly works…

Here are the 5 keys to success following a Professional Online Coaching

The key to effective weight loss is motivation! When we ask women dieting, 61% said that the guidance and support of another person (spouse, friend, coach) are the keys to weight loss. For sure, it’s pretty hard to loose weight alone.

1. Service available 7 days

Although the profession of Nutritionist Dietitian is growing, it’s still not easy to find a cabinet everywhere. Even, you’ll waste time to get there, to park (etc…). With online coaching, no problem! YOUR coach calls you whenever and wherever you want. During the lunch break at the office? While your children are napping? You choose the day and the time that best suit you.

2. The expertise and support of your coach

Available at any time of the day from 8am to 8:30pm on weekdays as well as weekends, our registered Nutritionists  Dietitians coaches are there to support you throughout YOUR program! Your weekly call, online chat are easy tools to talk with YOUR coach everyday and to ask questions. Because for us no algorithm can replace the professionalism of our coaches. You will never feel alone with your extra kilos!

3. Customization

No automatic bulk mail to all our guests every morning! No, YOUR get the same coach from the beginning through the end, as you become more confident and he understands YOUR needs and YOUR expectations. Moreover, nothing is automated, your weekly menus are completely customized by your personal Coach, including YOUR tastes, YOUR preferences and YOUR food lifestyle.

4. Cost

There’s no more stress of spending money for faddy YOYO diets. When you know that 92% of people are ready to spend up to 300€ per year for slimming methods (capsules, creams, coaching, massages etc.). Our coaching is at least 3 times cheaper than in your medical cabinet. Best of all, 90% of personal health insurances refund a part or all of our services. No doubt, the coaching Maïa Baudeaire’s method® really has the best value for your money. What a great way to loose weight and stay confident!

5. Even better than a diet…

Our method is not a simple diet. Here, no need to count points every time you eat a carrot! Maïa Baudelaire’s method® is a 360° program that fits to people with special diets (food allergy, diabetes, cholesterol, cancer etc…). It is a food balanced approach to learn good new habits for life. No restrictions, no banned foods, you will not go crazy, and it really works!

Our method is also includes physical activity for a healthier life! But don’t worry… You are not so much into sports? Your physical activity is adjusted according to your needs and your capacities: your favorite hobbies will be part of your everyday life, you’ll exercise without noticing it! 🙂

They testify…

“Honestly my coach was super friendly and very dynamic, with a psychologist approach I appreciated! I reached my goal abd finally stabilized my weight which used to yoyo! My coach gave me self-confidence in food. I highly recommend this method, to my friends and my family as well. And, your personal health insurance refunds it: it’s just great for people who would be afraid to spend money. ”

(Angélique -20 Kg)

“I really enjoyed this method! My coach was a really good listener and answered all my questions! The menus plans are simple, easy to follow and varied. Thank you for this experience! ”

(Estelle -7Kg)

“Nice program and especially fast results. I learned again how to eat especially without gaining more weight.  My goal is to lose 10 kilos, I’m halfway now. I gently loose weight and I should reach my goal in May, as my Coach said. The best method ever! ”

(Marie -5 Kg / -10 Kg objective)






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