How to eat healthy?

Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist and expert in eating behavior shares her tips for a healthy lifestyle enjoying the good stuff food can bring you!

There is nothing better than a healthy, balanced diet to avoid the appearance of these famous “kilos overload” about women talk about so often. Contrary to popular belief, eating a balanced diet is not complicated or frustrating. Here are 4 secrets of a healthy lifestyle!

Do not skip meals!

Dinner is ready ! Many scientific studies explain that skipping a meal results in a significant decrease of the concentration and work efficiency. But that’s not all, your body will compensate this lack of contributions by storing more than enough fats and sugars during the next meal.

Eat everything in a suitable amount

Vary the pleasures! The secret of a balanced diet is to eat while paying attention to the proportions. The food pyramid helps you understand which foods to consume the most (water, tea, vegetables) or otherwise in moderation (sweet and fats).

Each food brings it’s own kind of benefits, it is not necessary to remove them to have a balanced diet just simply pay attention to the amount consumed!


Don’t wait to be thirsty! The sensation of thirst is already a body alert to prevent you from dehydration. Your body is composed of 60% water (about 45l for a 70 kg person). As you know, your body eliminates large amounts of water daily to regulate your temperature (sweating), purify your body (urine) and during breathing. It is then very essential to compensate these losses to maintain a good balance to your health.

Get moving

Ready, set, go ! Physical activity is one of the main allies of your health. But let’s be clear, running a marathon every day is not necessary for your activity to be effective. And between us, at this rate you could do not resist three days… 🙂  To be effective, consider sport in duration  such as 30 minutes of physical activity into your day:

Go for a walk with your dog, jogg with friends, do some gardening, biking etc… There are even mobile applications and websites to find people of your level around you. Never run alone when your best friend lets you down! You’ll have no excuses!


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