HIIT – Loose weight in 7 mins per day

Winter is coming and we have zero motivation to go out to practice any kind of sport… Right?  At night, all this makes me wanna stay in my couch in front of my TV eating a soup, rather than moving myself on the race track.

And forget about indoor sports! 45 minutes on a mat or elliptical trainer, it’s really not for me… Playing sports between 4 walls, no thanks!

But here is the new trendy program : HIIT!

In 3 points, why should you start the HIIT?

  1. Intensity more than duration! That’s where the magic is! The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) favors intensive efforts to long-term efforts. The principle ? Short high-intensity efforts are alternated with extremely short rest periods. Result? You train quickly and better! In 7 minutes you can perform a session more far efficient than your 45 minutes on the mat! Be careful, do not think it’s an easy job! But believe me it’s worth it!
  2. No equipment is required. No equipment of any kind. HIIT is practiced at the weight of the body without any material.
  3. At home, in a park, in the office, HIIT is everywhere. The training session is short and therefore very easy to insert in a tight schedule! No more excuse to blow up today’s session!

Your session to get you started:

There are several programs depending on the level and the training time can vary between 4 and 30 minutes. To start the HIIT program, here is an example of a session to follow. It lasts 7 minutes and you can repeat it 2 or 3 times! Each exercise must be carried out as quickly as possible while maintaining an impeccable technique to not hurt you.

Do not forget to hydrate well, start with a good warm-up of the muscles and finish with a few stretches to make the cardio come down and avoid aches.

1. Jumping jacks 30 sec.

10 sec. rest

jumping jack

2. Push-ups 30 sec.

10 sec. rest


3. Abs 30 sec.

10 sec. rest


4. Squats 30 sec.

10 sec. rest


5. Chair against wall 30 sec.

10 sec. rest


6. Board 30 sec.

10 sec. rest


7. Go up on a chair 30 sec.

10 sec. rest

monter descendre sur chaise

8. Dips 30 sec.

10 sec. rest


9. Running still 30 sec.

10 sec. rest

courir sur place

10. Burpee 30 sec.

10 sec. rest


11. Slots 30 secondes

10 sec. rest


12. Board 30 secondes


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