Superfoods : the Magic Powers of Soups

As temperatures begin to decrease, I put on a woolen hat and thought the soup is the “superfood” of the day… Already old? Well no, soup has crossed times and generations to become fashionable, cosmopolitan, even trendy!

We now find soup bars around Paris, New York and even London… The soup cookbooks multiply and we continue to boil the pot in our thatched cottages (in France about 70% of soups are homemade). At the office, vending machines offer a soup break… In supermarkets the soup alleys are almost the same size as the yogurt ones… Universities and scientists all over the world are also looking at this MAGIC FOOD and its nutritional benefits.

5 Very good reasons to eat soup:

If I summarize the benefits of soup in 5 points, here they are:

  • Very rich in vegetables,
  • Good to your heart (by its supply of fibers),
  • It helps to relax, yes the soup is a “slow FOOD“: you eat it with a spoon, slowly blowing on not to burn.
  • Last but not least, it is the most satisfying food among all other foods…

Soup has a stronger satiety potential than any other food. Studies have shown that a meal that begins with a soup will save you 150 kcal on average during the day, or 1050 kcal in a week, and all this without suffering or deprivation!

Better fight against the aggressions of winter:


Other studies have shown that regular soup eaters, (for example at least 3 times a day), had better coverage of key nutrients, such as beta-carotene, vitamins C and B9. These soup enthusiasts also had a lower cholesterol level than the population that ate very little or no soup. Finally, the regular soup eaters are much thinner!

6 tips to enjoy the magic of soup:

  • Vary the recipes of soup, and leave out the traditional “leek potato” by choosing seasonal vegetables like potimarron, beetroot, cauliflower, spinach, carrots, sweet potato, celery … at the same time I take the opportunity to fill up with vegetables and vitamins.
  • Vary the textures: velvety, molded in pieces, in broth… studies have shown that the soup in pieces was more satisfying than the minced soup because it take more time to digest…
  • Replace a meal three times a week with a “soup meal”:
    • Soup, Minestrone Soup, Udon Noodle Soup, Chorba … are good examples of nourishing soups. You can supplement it with a small salad and a fruit and your meal will be perfectly balanced!
  • Eat as much soup as you want: I don’t hesitate to custom it with fresh cream or diced hams, mussels, leftover chicken … Soup is very low-caloric, so don’t hesitate to add your favorite ingredients without feeling guilty!
  • My little secret: Stock up with a bowl of soup before the cocktail office party or the meal among friends who looks quite nice but very high caloric! The bowl of soup, thanks to its satietogenic power, will satisfy you longer and you will have control over the littles snacks at the event!
  • Adopt the “nomade soup attitude”: find a nice container like a thermos and bring it with you, to warm it at the office, hiking or after an intense physical activity


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