Which foods will make you fat?

Do some foods make you fat more than others? Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist Expert in Food Behavior and Founder of her own method I Love My Diet Coach® – the first Nutrition Coaching reimbursed by health insurances will tell you everything you need to know about food and weight.

Idea #1 : There are 2 categories of foods, those that make you fat and those that make you lose weight

False! There are no foods that make you fat and others that make you loose weight. All foods bring an amount of energy to your body but some bring much more energy than others. So it’s the quantity that does everything!
Well you may suspect that eating an apple or chocolate does not have the same impact on your body. Take the apple for example, it weighs about 150g, brings to your body 70 calories, vitamins and minerals for your health as well as fiber for satiety.
On the other side we have milk chocolate, 1 bar, 4 squares or about 20g which bring to your body 120 calories, fat and sugar…
Quick calculation : you can eat about 2 apples to have the same energy intake as a small bar of chocolate. Up to you! 🙂

Idea #2 : Remove the fat

We often hear that as soon as swallowed, the fat of the food makes its way to the belly… But it’s not that simple. Don’t forget that your body has a vital need for fats in large quantities. To transport vitamins, create energy, new cells and not necessarily to make you gain weight
The key is to choose the good fats, good to your health. You will find them in fish, rapeseed oil, olive oil, walnut oil, linseed oil, walnuts, cashews, pistachios and hazelnuts…

Idea #3: Pasta make you fat

We no longer count the diets that advocate not to eat starches anymore to not get fat. This information is to be modulated. Starchy foods like pasta bring you complex sugars that give you energy throughout the day, so they are more than useful!
The only downside may be the seasoning of your pasta. Sour cream, cheese and bacon for example will make your plate much heavier than pasta with homemade tomato sauce!

Foods to be monitored

You read correctly : TO MONITOR and not to delete.

It is the calorie balance on the day that helps to lose weight and not eating a particular food.
You can eat everything in adequate quantities, the following foods are high in calories and should therefore be consumed in moderation so as not to exceed your daily energy needs.
The prepared dishes, industrial burgers, cold meats, fried foods and white chocolate, too rich in bad fats ; as well as sodas, sweets which are too rich in simple sugars.


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