Running in Winter? Yes you can :)

Weather is getting cold and days look more like night than a real day! Hard to motivate to do sports! You had your little routine jogging, but know it’s hard to stick on it.

Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist expert in Food Behavior, and Founder of her own Method of Diet Coaching reimbursed by the health insurances, gives you her best tricks to stay the pro of running and even improve your performance to be the best ! 🙂

Above all, keep motivation

Just like you who will remain well nestled at the bottom of your sofa with a good tea in hand, your motivation also needs to be pampered. So take care, because it will become your best friend to face the cold weather in your sneakers.

The question for you: what is boosting me to run? An awesome playlist of good music where the tracks run as fast as my jogging? A good friend who will conquer the cold weather with me ?

You can also join a group of runners, just ask your Google! 🙂

Dress up nicely!

Just like when you go out in partying at night, you put yourself on your best look yet and don’t neglect any detail. Even if the goal is different with running (because yes you will sweat and the “glamour potential” will not be the same), treat yourself to an outfit in which you feel good, that is pretty and colorful

In extreme cold, multiply the thin layers that will keep you warmer than a thick one. Add the silk gloves, the headband and the polar neck. And above all think of choosing good waterproof sneakers because the risk of rain is higher than during the summer!

Warm up longer!

With the cold, your muscles are more contracted than usual. Do not hesitate to add 5 min to your warm-up and do it properly to avoid injuries. Same : stretch yourself enough after your run and drink plenty of water!

Adapt your journey to always be safe

Unless you run during your lunch break or gym, it will be night. So prepare yourself with a headlamp and a reflective stripe outfit.

Run in clear and secure areas, where you have space. Leave aside the forest during the winter and opt for the wide sidewalks of the lighted streets!

Hold or slightly increase your goals

The most important thing during the winter is to maintain your level more than to reach higher records. Winter conditions are more aggressive for the body, so you can totally spare yourself! 😉

But still keep a regular rhythm, you will see the difference at the return of the beautiful days and will be pleasantly surprised …!

One last thing

The risk of small injuries or scratches is a bit higher during winter time : don’t sprain an ankle by slipping on an ice plate or getting a muscle pain.

If you feel you have reached your limits, shift your workout by one day or even a few days!


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