Christmas tips

CHRISTMAS is coming ! Fairy lights, Christmas carols… Santa Claus is busy in the malls, wind is blowing, fire places, wood piled up at the bottom of the garden to warm up the house… Let’s not forget the exhausting list of gifts and stress! Will we be able to please everyone?

You may feel less active, a small tension at the end of the year in the office with everything you would like to finish…? Maybe the anguish of taking some extra pounds, there will be the dinner at my parents-in-law…Meals with friends, Champagne glasses and snacks, here and there: a chocolate truffle, a little macaron … Christmas can equal to a concentration of positive and negative feelings…Right?

Here are my 5 tips to spend great holidays!

My tip  for winter will be “MORE with LESS” ! Here are my 5 winning strategies…

  1. Listen to your body: be as close as possible to your sensations, and your signals of hunger and satiation. Do not get to a hungry before the dinner: a large bowl of soup before Christmas dinner will naturally help you control the over eating
  2. Look for other pleasures than food: during this festive season, choose activities that make you happy like going to the ice rink or taking a long walk in good company to admire a snowy landscape, or even walk your city to admire the Christmas decorations
  3. Eat and drink only what you really like! If the minis frozen pizzas don’t tempt you, know how to say no thanks! If the mixture of alcohols don’t suit you, stay with Champagne or white wine, and drink as much water glasses as alcoholic beverages. If you have a gustative curiosity: taste it but allow yourself not to finish it…
  4. Take pleasure in what you eat: taste with all your senses … In small bites, discover the flavors of morels, truffles or turkey… Feel, breathe, chew and appreciate what’s in it!
  5. Pamper yourself: don’t set ambitious goals impossible to achieve … replenish and take time for yourself. Perhaps a shiatsu massage will help you reenergize your vital centers.

Happy Holidays!


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