Do you eat connected?

It’s lunchtime and everyone has connected devices  to scan their food… What about you? We don’t always realize it but we often are head in our smartphones  rather than on our plate when the meal arrives! What if that was the reason for your extra pounds?

Why it’s not good to eat connected?

Eating without removing our noses from the screen (computer, TV, mobile phone …) cuts off your feelings of hunger and satiation! In other words, your body no longer knows when it is hungry, and so when it has to stop eating … So, we tend to eat more than our needs, and therefore gain weight!

In addition, we say “bye bye” to conviviality related to the meal, which also contribute to satiation…

And who says “no pleasure” says “feeling hungry”.

And when on your smartphone, you do not “pause”, you do not change environment, basically you do not unpack! This causes stress, and therefore… a weight gain.

Little Quiz to know if you’re eating connected

* 1 * In the morning, you turn on your laptop:

  • A. After your breakfast, every thing in its time!
  • B. During your breakfast
  • C. Leaving the bed

* 2 * It’s time for lunch:

  • A. You benefit from the moment to tell your colleagues about your weekend
  • B. You look quickly at your texts, nothing urgent, all good
  • C. You swallowed … what already? Eyes on your favorite social networks!

* 3 * Tonight, dinner at the restaurant! Once the dishes are served:

  • A. Cool, finally a moment between friends, your smartphone is forgotten in your bag!
  • B. You check your phone before turning it off
  • C. “Stop! No one moves before I took the picture of each plate!”

* 4 * Photos in your phone:

  •  A.Not that much photos
  • B. My holiday, the last evening with friends, my cat …
  • C. Raclette, coffee, beautiful desserts, smoothies … a real foodporn wall!

You have a majority of A

Everything is fine ! You are still one of those for whom the smartphone is secondary, good job!

You have a majority of B

You know how to dose, take time to capture the good times but also put your phone off to enjoy live moments with your friends. Stay alert!

You have a majority of C

Be careful, your smartphone starts to take an important place in your life, and if you want to lose weight start by leaving it in a corner when you eat, Coach’s word!


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