Family Activities

The key to good health: physical activity! So why not make it a family event?

Min. activity time per day:

  • Children: 1h
  • Adults: 45 min

1) Winter

Our greatest challenge, as a family, is to find activities to do together all year around!

Winter shouldn’t interrupt your outdoor activities and don’t let the cold get to you either. There are plenty of ways to keep fit without necessarily having to put a track suit on.

Some examples for adults: walking up stairs, walking around shopping centres, cleaning the house, the closets, washing the windows, practicing sport in front of your TV …

Some examples for children: playing in the snow, ice skating, indoor climbing, sledding, walking in the parks, making a snowman …

2) Spring

Spring is the moment to get fit again as the long and beautiful days arrive! It’s the perfect time to get back outside. Spring makes it easy for us to go to the park, to go cycling, running, rollerblading and to jump on our scooter …

Remember that doing a bit of exercise after your lunch break is beneficial to the body, take the stairs instead of the elevator, take your bike to your destination instead of your car or get out at the metro station before your stop and walk home …

3) Summer

Summer is often associated with children’s school holidays. It’s a   time to plan your holidays around family outings and activities: this helps both the mental state of the parents and the physical health of your own child. Participation in some sort of physical exercise is essential to them.

Some ideas for your children: Summer sports camps, swimming lessons, cycling, hiking, tennis, the beach (racquet games, ball games …), skipping rope, dance lessons (useful when it rains) , football, softball, relay racing etc.

It’s important to know that if your child is physically active, he or she is far less likely to become overweight and suffer from chronic health problems later in life.

4) Autumn

Autumn’s weekends are fun to practice sports; it’s neither too hot or too cold. It’s the perfect time of year for running, trekking or any other outdoor activity. It’s your choice.

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