Tried and tested, just for you … .. The RPM

First question, what is it?

It is an indoor cycling race that lasts 45 minutes. Under the guidance of a coach, the workout takes places in rhythm with the sounds of energising music.

To start, you need to adjust your bike to a comfortable height, making sure the saddle, the handlebar, and the pedals are all in their traditional and most confortable positions.

The session starts with a warm-up which is reasonably gentle on the cardio. Once warmed up, the session accelerates into a chain of exercises designed to simulate climbs and sprints. To achieve this, you need to tighten or loosen the bike’s resistance, changing your position according to the exercises. The coach is on hand to continually guide us and above all, motivate us.

Second question, what’s my opinion?

This is one of the most demanding cardio classes I’ve ever done in a gym. You usually end up completely washed out, in every sense of the term. The thighs sting badly and you sweat like a pig. But it’s a fantastic way to let off steam…. to completely let yourself go!

From one session to the next, you can feel the progress and that in itself is extremely motivating. There’s a real party-like atmosphere to the workout, with everyone encouraging each other to help you through the mental challenges!

Don’t hesitate, it’s really great.

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