Tips for white teeth

Perfect white teeth? Have you ever dreamt of having a star’s smile? I have ! So here are my go-to’s to guarantee a beautiful smile on a small budget!

Water !

What’s better than drinking water after a meal to rid your mouth and teeth of any residue that could leave stains on your teeth!?

Green tea!

Rich in tannins, green tea helps fight bacteria that often stick to enamel and can, over time, leave stains on your teeth.

Lemon !

Rich in citric acid, lemon is an undeniable whitener! Packed with mineral salts, it also contributes to the health of your teeth. We recommend that once a week, you mix some lemon juice with a little water. Dip your toothbrush into the mixture and brush your teeth for 2 minutes.

Raw apples and carrots!

The more you chew, the more saliva you produce! Saliva helps to clean the mouth and teeth. Raw apples and carrots are true allies as they require considerable mastication before being swallowed.

Activated carbon or baking soda!

In the form of powder, they are both real assets to obtain pearly-white teeth! Apply the powder to the surface of the teeth using a previously moistened toothbrush. To avoid damaging the enamel, we recommend you only do this treatment once a week.

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