Slimming tips to adopt immediately

Summer’s upon you and you’re not sure how to approach it? The team behind the Maïa Baudelaire® Method has put together a few daily tips to ensure you end up as beautiful as the weather!

Rule No 1: Eat breakfast

This is the most important meal of the day as it comes after a period of fasting (during the night). It must be a full breakfast to give you the energy to keep going for 12 hours.

A small reminder, the breakfast must include:

  • 1 fresh fruit
  • 1 cereal product (Full bread, Muesli, Oat Flakes …)
  • 1 dairy product (Yogurt, Dishes, White Cheese, Milk …)
  • 1 sweetened product (it’s not obligatory and prioritise wholemeal bread)

Rule No 2: Move!

Physical activity is important to stay in good shape and if necessary, lose weight.

Put aside at least 45 minutes per day

You can walk alone or in a group, take part in fitness classes, cycling, swimming, tennis, skipping, zumba …

Rule No 3: Do not weigh yourself every day

Weighing yourself every day is useless and can even be counterproductive. You can tone up and get fitter without necessarily losing weight as muscle weighs more than fat. Muscles consume energy on exertion but also when at rest.

Rule No 4: Make the right food choices

Prioritise whole foods and keep pastries and sweets without any nutritional quality to a minimum.

Whole foods are your slimming allies; they’re filling and therefore should discourage nibbling between meals. They are also less likely to be nutritionally altered and therefore richer in vitamins and minerals.

If you have get hungry between meals, resist cakes filled with chocolate. Try eating some almonds instead, or bread with cereals or just one square of dark chocolate.

Rule No. 5: Do not blame yourself!

Did you suddenly crack by eating 3 portions of chocolate cake? Don’t panic, it happens to everyone!

You can easily eliminate that moment of gluttony during the next session of sport!

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