7 Reasons to eat Aubergines

A Short Intro :

Aubergine is one of the most emblematic summer vegetables of the Mediterranean cuisine. Originating in India, it was first introduced to the Mediterranean basin by Arab sailors heading back from their journeys to the end of the world.

With its white, soft flesh, the most widely consumed variety in France is the purple aubergine. Weighing in between 200 and 250g, it cooks easily, lending itself to all types of cooking styles.

The Benefits of Aubergines:

  • Aubergines are extremely rich in minerals, especially iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium.
  • They contain a large number of phytonutrients which are essential to our well-being: phytonutrients help improve blood circulation and nourishment of the brain. As they are mainly found in the skin of the aubergine, you should avoid peeling them!
  • Rich in fibre, aubergines help protect the digestive tract and contribute to the prevention of colon cancer.
  • It’s low in calories and free of lipids making it the perfect slimming friend.
  • With its high fibre content and low carbohydrate content, recent studies show that aubergines help regulate diabetes.
  • Aubergines are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids that are known to fight high blood pressure and relieve stress.
  • By helping lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, aubergines are beneficial to your cardiovascular system. Regular intake helps to prevent the formation of blood clots and reinforces hair capillaries.

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