Getting back into sport, slowly!

With the kids back at school, it’s time to ease your way back into sport. After several months of relaxation, you might want to start an activity which isn’t going to either brutalise or traumatise your body.

Here’s our recommendations for gentle but effective activities!


Inspired by Yoga and Tai Chi, Gyrokinesis’s fluid movements are ideal for gently strengthening your back and stomach muscles!

Also known as the “Yoga for Dancers”, Gyrokinesis’s is quite unique by enabling participants to strengthen muscles while developing their flexibility and coordination – you won’t be disappointed by the results. It’s a discipline that can be practiced on a stool or by standing on the ground.


Far from being outdated, Aquagym is making a great comeback. It’s aim is quite simple: to transform movements and techniques practiced on the ground into water. Easy to follow and fun to participate in, this is an ideal sport for developing a muscular and toned figure. The body burns an enormous amount of calories as it struggles to move against the resistance created by the water. This is the perfect sport for people suffering from muscular pain.


A sporting classic, cycling is a gentle activity that can be practiced in a gym, in town or, most pleasant of them all, in the countryside. This is one of the best sports for developing the muscles in your legs while improving your physical endurance and cardio.


As mentioned in a previous article, Pilates is a sport which avoids sudden movements or physical impact. It’s aim is to push and strengthen your tendons and ligaments to the limit, making it an ideal choice for those wishing to initiate a smooth and effective sporting activity.

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