The 7 mistakes to avoid when you want to slim down

With Summer coming, we are all worried about the same thing: how are we going to squeeze into that swimming costume with those extra pounds? The hunt for cellulite is on, but not at any cost…

Unrealistic objectives

Ok! Magazine models tend to make us dream, but don’t forget, even these beauties are Photoshopped. Don’t set unachievable goals, unlike certain diets that promise to help you lose 8kg in 1 month by swallowing a fat burning pill. We all want to believe it is possible, but of course the reality is very different. I can promise you that these excessive diets will eventually drive you to a state, where sooner or later, your targets will be in tatters. Remember, the secret to effective weight loss is not its speed but it’s slow and steady progress.

Skip meals

If you try to be stronger than your body, you will definitely lose. You’ve decided to fast to lose weight? No problem, your body will absorb everything it can in preparation for the next deprivation. Results? Back to square one, with a few more pounds that will be even harder lose than before!

Zapping breakfast

Studies have proved time and time again: morning eaters have a 20% less chance of cardiovascular disease and consume fewer calories during the day by eating less fat. Moreover, eating 3 meals a day reduces the risk of weight gain by a half! There’s no doubt about it, breakfast is your stomach’s best ally. Discover here all our recipes for breakfasts!

Get rid of certain foods

You do not skip meals, but you have heard from a friend’s friend that eating starchy foods makes you fat. Immediately, you have decided to remove them from your diet. This should actually be avoided as its the quality of carbohydrates consumed that really matters. Your body needs slow sugars, especially your brain that functions off these types of sugar. Choose whole grains and legumes to increase the feeling of satiation and to avoid cravings.

Becoming obsessed by excess pounds

You are highly motivated to fight against those extra pounds that are ruining your life, great! But the common mistake is to become obsessed! Are you one of these people who become scared stiff as they climb on their scales? Be aware that the regulation of your weight takes place over a whole week, so weighing yourself each day is pointless. Balance out your meals over the full week and get out the scales just one morning a week.

Forget sport

Sport is an essential weapon against your fight against putting on weight! Don’t neglect it. But don’t fall into the opposite extreme by running 40 minutes every day. Firstly, you won’t keep it up and secondly, it’s only useful if you plan to run a marathon in the coming months. Divide 30 minutes of physical activity sensibly over a course of a day: walk your children to school, walk the dog, do a little a jog, a little gardening, take the stairs to your office, travel by bike, test out an aqua-bike etc …the opportunities are multiple.

You don’t get enough sleep

It has been scientifically proven that a lack of sleep promotes obesity. The explanation is hormonal. Sleeping difficulties leads to an increase in the feeling of hunger, a decrease in satiety and it

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