How to lose big thighs?

Here’s our advice on how to lose those embarrassing extra pounds on your thighs and to turn them into fabulous, shaped legs.

Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist and Expert Slimming Coach in Food Behaviour gives you her tips for firm and toned thighs.

Eat better and move more

Targeted fat loss is far more difficult than dieting to reshape your overall figure. Difficult…. but not impossible! To reach our goals, we must think long term and be patient. But trust me, you will get there in the end. The right balance for losing large thighs? A balanced diet (few simple sugars and fat) + adapted sports exercises.

Practice an endurance sport

Without the risk of putting on more muscle, jogging is the best solution for losing large thighs. We recommend you run with a heart rate monitor to ensure your heartbeat stays at approximately 60% of its maximum rate. This is the best tempo to tap into fat reserves. You don’t have to buy a heart rate monitor: if several of you go for a run and you manage to chat at the same time, you’ll be running at the right heart rate. If you’re not into jogging, try swimming (although not quite as sociable) or cycling to work. Whatever activity you chose, try to practice it at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Choose targeted exercises

Whether you work out alone or join a class (e.g. bodypump), remember that certain exercises are specifically designed to help thighs. Among them, there are squats, chair exercises, skipping (childhood memories!) and lunges. If you are not familiar with these exercises, research and watch some online videos. Have you heard about the latest Facebook challenges? Several thousand FB users participate in month-long challenges, motivating each other during the event. Right now, it’s the 30-day plank challenge. Go at your own speed, and even if it has already started, it can only help you for the next challenge.

Massage yourself

Massage yourself when you exit the shower, as often as possible. Rolling your skin helps improve circulation and it will make your skin look and feel smoother and healthier. You can also apply creams specially formulated to help draining, moisturising and firming. That said, there aren’t any silver bullet solutions and you may be disappointed if you only bet on this one option. To boost their effectiveness, use the creams before playing sport to help them penetrate the skin. You can also  apply ground coffee for its toning and detoxifying properties that will make your skin soft and firm.

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