How to maintain the morale while dieting

Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist and Expert Slimming Coach in Food Behaviour, explains how to get slim with a smile.

“Ever since I started this diet I’ve become impatient and irritable, it’s just not me. “

“As soon as I get stressed, I crave something sweet and then my diet goes ” yo-yo “, it’s depressing”

“I feel tired and i lose my temper much quicker than before, my nearest and dearest prefer me with my extra kilos, rather than on a diet …

If for you are one of those people who tend to get moody when you are dieting, here are my 7 tips to help you keep your spirits up during this challenge.

1. Boost your confidence

As the proverb goes, “Self-confidence is the first key to success! “

More than anything else, you’ve got to start trusting yourself. You can reach your goals and you will get there! Adopt a “positive attitude”! Keep in mind your goal and that amazing feeling you;ll have once you’ve reached it.

2. Don’t get obsessed by your extra pounds

War has been declared! You are motivated to fight those extra pounds that ruin your life. But beware, do not get obsessed. Remember it’s also the easiest way to get upset, especially when, every morning you climb onto those scales for the verdict. Leave the scales in the closet, the important thing is to feel good. Weigh yourself once a week, or try on your favourite jeans that have been too tight for a while, hopefully you’ll start to see some positive results.

3. Gently but surely

Be patient! Weight loss is not a competition. Changing one’s eating habits is not a trivial matter and it takes time. Don’t set the bar too high, a goal of 2 to 4 kilos a month is enough. Moreover, the slowest weight loss is also the most durable!

4. Do not be afraid to redouble your efforts

Periods of stagnation are normal and a part of all diets. Don’t give up, on the contrary, you are on the right track. Redouble your efforts, they always end up paying off.

5. Move

During a workout, your body releases a particular molecule that improves your mood! But sport also has an other important asset: it helps you build muscle which will then draw on reserves of fat so you lose weight permanently.

6. Sleep

It is scientifically proved that a lack of sleep encourages obesity. The hormonal imbalance caused by a lack of sleep leads to an increase in hunger, a decrease in satiety and a more difficult weight loss or even weight gain. So yes, sleep helps you slim down, now that’s good news, isn’t it?

7. Prepare yourself to go to war on your pounds

To maintain motivation and remain in a good mood, it’s important not to feel alone in your fight against your pounds. Sharing your feelings, your fears and your successes are all an essential part of reaching your target. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a personal coach like I Love My Diet Coach ©, we will be your companion throughout this “challenge”.

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