I tried out slimming clothes!

On the market, you’ll find bodys, leggings, and shorts with shaping and slimming properties; you can actually lose weight just by getting dressed. Is it almost too good to be true? Maybe… Remember the slimming clothes in the ads are worn by top models who don’t need them at all. So are slimming clothes really that effective?

And the other ‘tricks’ used in slimming?

Green tea is consumed for its draining properties and to prevent water retention and the sensation of heavy legs. Caffeine is drunk to help burn calories and facilitate the release of fats. Red vine is used to stimulate blood circulation and fight cellulite and the feeling of heavy legs. Shea butter is employed to help soften skin.

The reality +

Slimming clothes have an extremely beneficial effect on sagging. As soon as I slip on my slimming clothes my figure is svelte, and i haven’t made the slightest effort. Without losing a gram, i look great :).


Slimming clothes keep you really warm (let’s just say that in winter, that’s a plus). They are not, however, the most glamorous underwear on the market. Suffice to say, don’t use them on your first date.

Their effectiveness

I found they had encouraging results in the appearance of my skin. After one month, my skin is smoother, softer and more toned. But to achieve an effective and longer-lasting result, it’s important to combine wearing these clothes with some physical activity. The more you move, the more your slimming agents are activated. So we come back to the same: physical activity is essential when you want to improve your body shape!

The prices

For leggings, count on 40 €, 25 € for a boxer and 30 € for a tank top.

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