Why choose personalised Coaching?

Maïa Baudelaire, Nutritionist and Slimming Coach expert in Micro-Nutrition explains why “tailor-made” Coaching is so beneficial.

Whatever the objective, the hardest part is to stay motivated to reach it!

This is where a COACH can make all the difference. Whether it’s to lose weight, build muscle, stop smoking, or to restart a sporting activity … it takes serious mental strength to stay the course and that’s not always easy! Changing your daily habits is a real challenge … unless you make these changes slowly, without even realising it …


The Coach, a true professional who’s there for you in person or available on the phone!

Personalised coaching ensures communication with a real person instead of a virtual interface  and automated messages.

Personalised coaching is the art of bespoke fitness training

After assessing your requirements, a Certified Coach puts together a proposal and starts to work on establishing a relationship based on trust. A Coach is always working on this relationship, following you throughout your program and getting to know you. Unlike call centres, where you’re always talking to different people, your Coach is able to develop a personalised strategy!

Regularity, positive motivation and listening are the keys to success

Your personal coach is like a little voice that encourages you: it re-boosts you whenever you’re feeling down without making you feel guilty. Everything is done in a positive climate, allowing new habits to anchor over time.

“Where you want, whenever you want”

There’s no more need to get upset, one of the benefits of personalised coaching is its FLEXIBILITY! You choose the time that suits you best, and at times, you don’t even have to move, everything is done over the phone!


The costs

Often high, especially for individual coaching. But here again, there are many devices, such as the approved “Service to the Individual” which allows users to benefit from a 50% tax reduction, or reimbursement by Healthcare …

5 Good Reasons to opt for a personalised Coaching like The Maïa Baudelaire® Method:

  1. My healthcare reimburses my Nutritional Coaching up to 100% for the Detox offer.
  2. The schedules are flexible, I don’t have to move and it’s cheaper than going to a centre in my local town.
  3. Every week, my Slimming & Nutritionist Coach calls me and motivates me …now that’s happiness!
  4. It’s easy! I no longer have to count the calories or the points, i just let myself be guided by my personal coach.
  5. I can go out with friends, eat out in a restaurant, travel … my personal Coach adapts my program to my life, and not the opposite!

So, are we now ready to adopt the Coach attitude ?!

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