Superfoods: Eat fish and live for longer!!!

Natural foods have a protective role, both healing and bringing a lot of happiness and mental and physical balance …. I like to call them, Superfoods.

The origin: Okinawa

In search of a healthy, longevity secret, the World Health Organisation (WHO) flagged up 8 regions in the world where happy centenarians live, including the famous Okinawa archipelago. Scientists regularly examine the lifestyle, habits and of course the diets of these “super centenarians”. So what makes the difference? Fish is the basis of their diet, they consume it every day with rice, vegetables, soy …

Good for the heart

Is fish a magic food? It doesn’t act alone; of ​​course, the absence of stress and the significant consumption of green tea helps these people live amazingly long lives. But undoubtedly the Omega-3s, which is found in abundance in fatty fish, gives it a superfood status. By helping to naturally thin the blood (by reducing the bad fats in the blood), these lipids exert a protective effect on the heart. Therefore, our famous, super centenarians of the Okinawa archipelago hardly ever suffer from heart attacks.

…… and their memory

Similarly, if they grow old, they remember everything, or almost everything. Once again, it can be attributed to fish consumption, as recently demonstrated by studies conducted in the United States. For 10 years, American researchers followed 2 groups of people. In individuals who regularly ate fish, they discovered that their brain’s grey matter was better preserved than in those who only seldom ate fish, especially in the part of the brain used for memory.

And the icing on the cake? Beyond these anatomical observations, these people got better results in cognitive tests! Researchers went as far as to say that the risk of “light” or more “serious” memory disorders, like Alzheimer, could be reduced fivefold by simply eating fish on a regular basis.

My advice:

  • You should eat fish 3 or 4 times a week. Ask your fishmonger which fish are in season … you will pay less. Otherwise opt for for frozen fish that is very good at Picard, or for canned sardines, tuna or mackerel which, nutritionally-speaking, are just as good!
  • To bring out all the benefits of fish, I’d advise you to prepare it in foil, steamed, baked or grilled. Don’t fry it as this nullifies its beneficial effects and in addition it is more calorific!

Classification of fish, by their richness in Omega-3

The richest: salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel, and herring.

Intermediaries: red mullet, anchovy, bass, perch, sea bream, turbot, pike, halibut.

The least rich: whiting, cod, sole, skate, hake, monkfish.

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