How to eat Japanese healthily?

In the culinary world, whenever you say Japanese, you think of healthy food. So far, so good. But some small traps are still to be avoided when you’re watching your line. Maïa Baudelaire gives you some tips on how to eat well at a Japanese restaurant.

Tip # 1: Think soup and cabbage salad

Without making a completely vegetarian meal, order a miso soup: in addition to its digestive virtues, it has a unique and delicious taste of umami. Then order a small cabbage salad that will force you to chew and get you salivating. So opt for menus that include both soup and coleslaw!

Tip # 2: Avoid fattening brochettes

Although they are not typically Japanese, beef and cheese kebabs are often found on the menu of standard Japanese restaurants. Choose chicken skewers, tofu and mushrooms instead.

The main course

There’s no need to choose fish for all your meals; if you want to eat meat do not deprive yourself. Just be careful with what you choose as an accompaniment. Choose green vegetables with a small amount of starchy food such as rice pasta or potatoes.

Tip # 3: Sushi or sashimi?

Again, try to order sashimi (slices of fish) rather than sushi (slices of fish on rice) to avoid the double portion of rice, because you often get a small bowl with the menus. Otherwise, choose sushi or maki but without the additional bowl of rice!

Tip 4: The ideal Japanese menu

In addition to soup and coleslaw, add either: – 2 mushroom skewers + 2 tofu or chicken skewers – or 1 chirashi (rice, fish, avocado) – or 6-8 maki or sushi – or 6-8 sashimi + 1 bowl of rice

Drink green tea or water. Beer, being sweet, can quickly tip the balance in the wrong direction.

Tip 5: Should I order a dessert?

Like bread, desserts are not part of Japan’s traditions. But restaurants know how to make your mouth water … To finish on a sweet note, choose a fruit salad or an ice cream made of green matcha tea.

Now you know everything 😉

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