How to eat Pizza healthily

Watching your line and even trying to lose a few pounds does not necessarily mean you have to give up pizza! Did you know that pizza can actually be part of very good balanced diet?

Maïa Baudelaire gives you some tips on how to remain happy without feeling guilty!

So what’s in a pizza?

From a nutritional point of view, pizza is similar to a standard sandwich: a base of bread dough, tomato sauce, and a filling more or less rich and varied. It’s up to you to make the best decisions from there!

Which pizza to eat?

By “eating well” I actually mean “eating balanced”, and not overeating! On the menu, I recommend pizzas based on vegetables, poultry or salmon, with a tomato sauce base rather than cheese. Leave aside pizzas that have more than one kind of cheese topping, because they are a lot more fattening. The same goes for sausages and merguez  and any other fatty meats. Just choose a simple pizza, like the Napolitana, classic but effective.

1 slice, 2 slices, the whole pizza?

Even if you end up choosing the “good” pizza, the most important thing is the size of the portion. When at home, for example, if you make pizza for the whole family, serve yourself just one or two slices, that’s all. But in a restaurant, the whole pizza is for just one person! So even if it is vegetable-based, you’ll still consume far more calories than you actually need.

My tip?

Ask the waiter for half a pizza, and if he refuses, ask him to sit down with you at the table! Otherwise, limit yourself to just 2 slices, eating slowly and savouring each bite, and stop when you are no longer hungry … The pleasure is in the first bites. And if you leave half the pizza on the plate, ask for a “doggy bag” to take the rest home.

My balanced meal suggestion for a Pizza Menu

  • 1 Gaspacho
  • 2 slices of Napolitana Pizza, Green salad
  • 1 scoop of sorbet or a yogurt

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