The Aromatherapy feature of the Week: The Secrets of Better Digestion

Sick of feeling bloated after a big family meal, and then having to swallow drugs to get rid of that sensation of heaviness in your stomach? This week, our feature on Aromatherapy gives you some easy tips to help you improve digestion and offers up some natural alternatives to avoid having to visit the pharmacy.

Our Tips for Better Digestion

The quality of your digestion is a reflection of what you eat, how you eat it, and the condition of your small intestine. To ensure a good transit, its not only about avoiding rest after a meal, it’s also about the proper assimilation of nutrients and micronutrients. In short, it’s incredibly important and it’s not that complicated, you just have to pay attention to a few things:

Take time to enjoy your meal: It may sound silly but it should take a minimum of 15 minutes to sit down and enjoy what you eat.

Take the time to chew: And yes, again: TAKE THE TIME (that’s good, you’ve understood now :)) to chew food to avoid overworking your poor little stomach.

Avoid meals that are too rich in fats: Meals that are too rich will take longer to digest because the digestion of lipids takes longer than that of other nutrients. Moreover, an excessive intake of mayonnaise is also asking for less glamorous problems.

Eat to your hunger: Yeh yeh, we know, the Tiramisu on the menu has caught your eye but your body tells you ‘Stop!!’ … What’s the solution? Be reasonable and stop there, to avoid overloading the stomach. Listen to your feelings! In any case, we give you full permission to take a spoonful from your neighbour’s bowl when he’s not looking;)

Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day: And yes, it’s not just on TV! Their high fibre content facilitates the advance of the food bolus in your digestive system.

Go dance Zumba on Friday night! : Well, in truth, you can also just take the time to walk every day, that will be enough!

Some examples of Essential Oils to use

Your digestive tract is playing up and you no longer know what to do apart from taking more pills? Why not talk to your your pharmacist to try out some more natural solutions (but still under medical advice, because essential oils are extremely powerful):

Peppermint essential oils are ideal for big family meals, especially after having abused Granny’s mini macaroons: at the end of the meal, put a drop on a teaspoon mixed with some honey.

Lemon essential oils stimulate your liver which actively participates in your digestion, especially that of fats: put a drop on a piece of bread before the meal.

Cumin essential oils help you to get rid of aerophagia (translation: excess of built up gases). Massage your stomach with some drops of essential oils diluted in vegetable oil (minimum 4 drops)

Exotic basil essential oil is perfect if you have intestinal spasms or are even suffering from nausea: massage your stomach with a drop of essential oil diluted in vegetable oil (Macadamia for example)

Caution: essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women and children, and do not neglect the little test on the skin before basting your belly! Their use should be limited in time to avoid adverse effects, so always ask your doctor for advice on the dosage and duration of treatment.

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