Is it possible to simultaneously lose weight from your stomach and your thighs?

Admit it, at some point in your life, you have looked in the mirror and asked yourself “Oh beautiful mirror, tell me what’s the secret behind a flat stomach while keeping my bust and buttocks in good shape? “ And what was the answer? Probably, “it’s impossible”. But did it explain why? Today, ladies, I’m probably going to break a myth (if not many) but please do not hate me for it, I promise, I’ll give you an alternative. It’s my Method in losing those extra pounds in a healthy and harmonious way!

The famous 100 crunches and 100 squats 7 / 7

I’m sure you have all seen those Internet challenges: “100 squats per day” or “the ab challenge for a flat stomach“, inevitably, they (unfortunately) were a huge hit. But have you ever tried them out? If so, apart from hammering your poor perineum and taking up an hour of your precious time, your flabby belly will probably be still there … and I want to tell you: it’s normal!

According to the intensity and the duration of the activity, exercise uses up varying amounts of stored energy (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins …)  so don’t think just because you do an hours work-out on your abs, you’ll have automatically lost 2 pounds of fat! Moreover, when your fatty acids finally decide to tap into your reserves to give you a boost, you need to be fully aware that they come from all of your body. So, just because you do 1,000,000 crunches per day, it does not necessarily mean that that little layer of fat on your stomach will suddenly melt like snow in the sun! The muscle does not draw its energy directly into the fat layer that surrounds it, instead it mobilises the whole body to feed itself.

However, working out your abdominals remains effective to strengthen and tone (we can forget all those little challenges, “100 crunch a day”). But if you only do that, despite certainly strengthening your abs, they will still have a layer of fat over the top! Remember, a combination of 70% of good nutrition and 30% of sport makes for a pretty silhouette! It is therefore important to remember that although we can work on and improve certain muscles, we can’t guarantee losing the fat around them.

Everyone has their weight loss!

You’re probably saying to yourself “she’s boring me with this personalisation stuff, surely there’s a quick and easy fix for everyone.” Sorry … but no, there is it! Or, if there is, I don’t guarantee its long-term performance on weight loss, body firmness or your general health! If you manage it, you are unique!

Each body has its own fat distribution. You can see it in your girlfriends, each one of us stores their cupcakes in a different place and our ability to lose or gain weight varies. So certainly, as women, our body will have a propensity to redirect fat to our hips, buttocks or even thighs (reserves for our futures babies!). But some of us will also store it in our stomachs, or in our arms …

In summary, weight loss is personal, and targeted weight loss is impossible! To lose weight from your stomach is to lose weight as a whole.

My method

I’ve never hidden anything from you and you probably already know what I’m about to tell you, but a little reminder never hurts.

Now that you understand that targeted weight loss is impossible, it’s important you understand that you will have to focus on overall weight diet, and that to maintain volume in certain areas, you we will have to get into sport!

First thing to write on your “To do list”: employ the Maia Baudelaire method to rebalance your diet. In other words, no restrictions, no diet, no aching hunger pains. Instead we will offer you nutritional education, advice, support, pleasure and above all balance in your diet.

Second thing to scribble down: be patient. Weight loss is a story of months, even years! Forget yoyo diets of losing 10 pounds in a month.

Third thing to write down: practice sports regularly and smartly. It’s not that i think you are stupid, far from it! I just want you to understand that excessive hours spent on a cross trainer is not effective. Opt for a combination between cardio and muscle strengthening to increase your caloric expenditure while toning up and stream-lining your body!

Fourth essential point: Be rigorous! Weight loss is a fight between you and those pounds that are bothering you. Do you believe that you can win a fight in two small strokes of a sword? Well, unfortunately you can’t. We only win if we hold on to the goal and persevere! That’s better, adapt a warrior mind!

Last point to note on all your walls so that you never forget it: Balance! Admittedly, 2 sword strokes will not be enough, but then again, 150 strokes and finishing breathless is just as futile. Find your own rhythm. In the same way you rebalance your diet, find workouts that your body can handle and it will quickly understand the message. You may not automatically lose that little stomach that you so crave, but you will lose weight harmoniously, toning and shaping your body simultaneously. Trust me, it’s a lot more fun.

Too many things to integrate? Do not panic, stay clear of any slimming diet and go to the website to discover the Bikini Offer, a personal food rebalance adapted to your needs and safe for your health! See you soon!

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