The holidays were memorable. You had sworn to yourself you’d spend it quietly and in the end you come back even more tired than before … Your body is barely chugging along. No time to be showing off your suntan!!!! It’s time to do a detox to get you back on track.

The advantages of a detox.

A drink here or there, barbecues with friends, a little ice cream on the harbour pier, or those yummy churros at the corner funfair; all these small, accumulated pleasures have taken their toll on your organs. Detoxifying the body will allow you to eliminate toxins and purify your organs. In short, if you do your housework inside, you’ll soon be shining on the outside!

Detox herbal teas, so what’s the deal?

Drainage is one of the most important steps in detox. Water is the most effective draining element while plants containing active ingredients (depurative, diuretic or detoxifying) will boost the detoxifying process in your organs. So by combining the two, you’ll have the perfect ally.

Which herbal teas should i choose?

The liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin are the organs that cleanse your body. So you have to choose plants that will activate these organs.

To detoxify your liver, you should favour herbal teas made from thyme, dandelion and artichoke.

  • Artichoke stimulates the liver: by promoting biliary secretion, artichokes facilitate digestion and prevent and help any digestive disorders. It is normally recommended to be taken as an infusion, using 2g of dried leaves, 3 times a day.
  • Dandelion to remove toxins: Dandelion leaves clear toxins by activating biliary secretion. It is recommended to infuse 3 to 5 g of dried leaves in a cup for 5 to 10 minutes. You can drink them up to 3 times a day.
  • Thyme to disinfect the digestive tract: it reduces inflammation and improves digestion. It is advisable to infuse 3 to 5 g of dried leaves in a cup for 5 to 10 minutes. To be taken up to 3 times a day.

For your kidneys opt for infusions made from birch, fennel or cherry stems.

  • Birch to drain: it contributes significantly to the drainage and elimination of acid waste from the body. Drink 2 to 3 herbal teas per day.
  • Fennel is great for reducing inflammation created by toxins and promoting their elimination through the urine.
  • Cherrie stems to fight against water retention:  Cherry stem infusions reduce water retention by promoting the elimination of water through the kidneys.

For your intestines, use eucalyptus and linden.

  • Eucalyptus to absorb toxins: by absorbing toxins, eucalyptus helps reduce intestinal inflammation, therefore relieving intestinal pain. We recommend infusing four or five leaves in boiling water, and drinking two to three cups a day.
  • Linden stimulates and regulate the intestines : This herbal tea, taken 3 times a day, should regulate your transit by ensuring the proper contraction of intestinal muscles, therefore promoting the elimination of toxins.

For the lungs, liquorice and oregano.

  • Liquorice and oregano help unclog and improve the performance of your the lungs. It’s not just smokers who have to take care of their lungs, pollution and a lack of activity all contribute to damaging our lungs. Consumed 3 times a day, a herbal tea composed of ​​liquorice and oregano, will help you detoxify and deeply cleanse your lungs.

For the skin, you can enjoy herbal tea based on burdock, sage or wild pansy. These three plants help reduce skin conditions and promote the elimination of toxins through the skin.

Be careful!!!

While detoxifying your liver you should not lose weight too quickly. An efficient and healthy detox must be done smoothly and be accompanied with a healthy and balanced diet.

Some plants cancel or reduce the benefits of others. Therefore, the most effective herbal teas are made with a single type of dried, organic plants that is allowed to infuse for 3 to 5 minutes in water at 70 or 80 ° C maximum.

Our final tips…

Do not forget that a detox is not an innocuous act. Even though eliminating toxins may appear completely necessary, it must be done in stages: firstly, the liver and the digestive tract, then the intestines, the kidneys etc etc. Moreover, it should never be eternal. I recommend detoxifying twice a year, once in the autumn and once in the winter; our qualified Nutritional Coaches are always on hand to guide you step by step. Check out our detox programme.

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