Which essential oils detoxify the body?

Yup, the holidays are over and it’s back to the daily grind. But hang on, you feel bloated, you’ve got a rash of pimples and your digestive system is doing all sorts of strange things. Now could that be because you had a few too many cocktails and tapas on the beach, and what about those ice creams with whipped cream? Hmm … this could well be the moment to cleanse your liver and give your body a general detox. And to get you started, why not try out some essential oils? Once again, they work miracles!

Why should you do a detox cure at the beginning of the school year?

Too often we hear stories about detox on the internet, without really knowing how, why or for whom?

Well, firstly, it’s important to know that your body already carries out a daily detoxification thanks to the emunctory organs. Within this family of organs, you have the father, aka the liver, and then the rest of his family; the intestines, lungs, skin and finally, the kidneys.

But it’s the liver that does most of the work. All toxins originating from food, medicine or however many glasses of Sangria you’ve consumed on holiday, are treated by the liver before being sent to the kidneys and the digestive tract to be eliminated.

So don’t panic, if you feel you have stomach ache, difficulty in breathing properly or your skin is looking dull: it’s simply your body’s reaction to the excesses of the Summer. To help it get back into shape, you should show some solidarity and put into place a plan to help your organs eliminate all that waste. Here we go…

Daily tips to avoid having to detoxify your liver

So yeah, if it’s too late, and you already have all the symptoms and your body is screaming “help, I’m suffering, leave me alone”. This is where a small detox cure rich in detoxifiers for the liver, detox herbal teas, and detoxifying foods will come in useful. However, before talking about this, I thought it might be useful to look at how you can avoid a detox 6 times a year:

Because ideally you shouldn’t have to do them more than twice a year, after the Christmas and Summer holidays, but if you think that you need it more often, it’s probably because you’re not following these tips:

  • Avoid eating rich meals on a regular basis: meals that are over-rich in lipids can be too much for your digestion and the liver. Lipids take longer to digest than other nutrients, so if your body is getting too much in one go, and too regularly, you’ll be needing a small liver drainage.
  • Drink lots of water: through the water you drink your body eliminates toxins so drink at least 1.5L per day to prevent the accumulation of toxins and to allow regular removal of all waste. Opt for fruit-flavoured waters without added sugars if you have trouble drinking water daily.
  • Practice a physical activity: yeah, not the most glamorous but perspiration is important for the skin and for the elimination of toxins. Let’s head straight to the spinning class and lets not fake it, we want wet tee-shirts!. In addition to the benefits to the skin, physical activity allows you to work on your breathing, therefore eliminating toxins from the lungs. Breathe deeply, you will see that it is a good thing!
  • Take care of your skin: Ok, we are not exactly frogs who can breathe through their skin, but believe you me, if you closed all the pores you wouldn’t be able to cool off! Your skin adjusts to the outside environment so it is essential to take care of it: exfoliation, hydration, masks, facials … dedicate an afternoon every week to pampering the poor thing!

Essential oils for detox

If, however, this advice came too late, do not worry, I have other tricks up my sleeve! In addition to a mild detox program rich in detoxifying foods, organic essential oils can help you stimulate your organ activity naturally. Be careful, however, of the side effects that may be associated with them. Essential oils are powerful substances, and even more so if taken orally. It is therefore important to consult your doctor to fully understand the precautions that should be undertaken for essential oils.

Essential oils

  • Lemon essential oil: rich in limonene, lemon essential oil is a powerful hepatocyte detoxifier. By balancing the production of bile, it helps digestion and also stimulates the immune system.
  • Rosemary essential oil with Verbenone: rich in verbenone, this essential oil is the best oil for hepatic, biliary and pancreatic health. It promotes the elimination of accumulated toxic waste and as a bonus, accelerates the decomposition of fat in blood, facilitating their elimination.
  • Lovage essential oil: it acts on the liver and kidneys and has depurative, detoxifying, anti-toxic and diuretic properties. A very complete essential oil for detoxifying the body.
  • Carrot essential oil: it drains the liver and kidneys and purifies the skin.
  • Peppermint essential oil of: it promotes digestion, reduces the sensations of bloating and regulates bile and pancreatic fluids allowing the evacuation of toxins into the intestine. It also helps the lungs rid itself of toxins by expectorating.
  • Juniper essential oil: it participates in the draining of toxins towards the organs of elimination like the kidneys, the intestines, the skin …

How to use them?

In the case of detoxification, essential oils are used pure and orally. However, their potency means you have to pay special attention to their dosages to avoid any side effects.

You can achieve this synergy by consuming 2 drops in the morning with a teaspoon of honey or olive oil. Olive oil taken in the morning is also a very good habit if you are suffering from constipation. In any case, listen to your body, and limit these cures to three weeks, twice a year.

Synergy: 40 drops of Lemon essential oils + 40 drops of Peppermint essential oils + 40 drops of Rosemary Verbena essential oils of + 20 drops of Juniper essential oil.

Essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women and children, and must always be properly monitored.

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