How do you naturally increase your libido with Aromatherapy?

Have you been in a relationship for many years and you’re now stuck in a rut with your partner? You’re up to your neck with work at the office? You’d don’t sleep much because you’re worried about something? Hmm … there’s no more time and no more desire for intimacy with your partner? A declining sexual drive is a common problem and can be caused by numerous factors. Let’s take a look at why our sexual desire can take a hit, but above all, how, thanks to everyday tricks, aphrodisiac products and essential oils can help boost your libido.

“Why is my sex drive down? “

Oulala, do you feel a bit of a slouch under the duvet? You’re more inclined to bury your head into the pillow than play with your partner? Do not panic, it happens to everyone, we can’t always be at the top of our game!

Libido is like love, it depends on a billion factors (no, I’m not exaggerating!). For some, the slightest annoyance can halve their desire because as we often say, sexual desire is in the head! Too much stress at work, too little sleep, a nervous system which is out of order and before we know it: “not tonight darling, I have a headache.” But do not worry, it’s normal, none of us are machines, remember that!

In addition to the problems of stress, fatigue, or a big worry, if your loss of libido lasts for some time, it may be pathological in which case it might be time to go and see your doctor… We mustn’t worry, there are always solutions to solve this kind of problem.

And finally, something else that can affect desire: an unhealthy lifestyle and a poor diet. Fast food, spicy meat, ice-creams in the cinema, or boozy evenings 3 times a week … will eventually affect your libido!

So just follow these little tips and before you know it, you’ll be slipping under the duvet with total serenity.

Daily tips to boost your desire

Before you even talk about aromatherapy, essential oils and all the trimmings, let’s see what you can already add to your daily life to increase your libido.

  • Communicate: communication remains the basis for equilibrium in our relationships whether it be amongst families, friends or our partner. Talk to your partner about your decline in sexual desire and do not feel guilty about it, it happens to everyone. It will always be easier to find solutions if there are no taboos and you address these issues hand in hand.


  • Get out of your routine! Routine is THE “kill-love” par excellence. Vary your habits, whether that be in your daily life or under the duvet. Surprise each other; be creative, be humorous and be sensual.


  • Take time out to relax: stress is probably the biggest cause of a disorder in our libido. That damn case at work is doing your head in? Of course, we completely understand, but spending time with your darling will help release the pressure and maybe you will even see things more clearly afterwards. Chronic fatigue will also turn your hormones on and off. Obviously, after a big day in the office and short nights of 4-5h sleep, who wants to do anything other than lie on the couch with a packet of crisps in your hand? Turn off the TV and sleep!


  • Change your diet: enrich your diet with aphrodisiac foods. Foods rich in potassium (banana, lentils, spinach …), antioxidants (fruits, vegetables, green tea …), and unsaturated fats (salmon, sardines, vegetable oils, avocado …) help your vessels and therefore the circulation of the blood, important for the sexual organs. Adopt a diet rich in zinc, which contributes to the production of sex hormones and stimulates libido: oysters, dried beans, eggs, whole grains should regularly be on your plates! Finally, do not forget  dark chocolate which is also an aphrodisiac! If you need a boost to integrate these aphrodisiac foods in an intelligent and efficient way, our Dietician-Nutritionists will be on hand to help you.

Natural Aphrodisiac: Essential Organic oils

If you have already incorporated all my suggestions, then here’s a little tip to help you stimulate your sexual desire. There are aphrodisiac plants whose essential oils work miracles on both female and male hormones, but also on your general condition, thus promoting a sense of well-being and serenity, – essential for libido at the highest. Be careful though, Madame’s essential oils are sometimes different to those of Monsieurs!

Essential oils

  • Rose de Damas: it has relaxing properties, soothes tension and harmonises your moods, to offer the perfect scenario for a naughty moment or two.…
  • Ginger essential oil for men and women: Ginger is a formidable sexual stimulant, working for both men and women so enjoy!
  • Ylang-ylang essential oil supplements for the female libido: it allows you to relax by acting directly on the central nervous system, so it fights against the loss of libido related to stress. It also contains toning molecules that help sexual fatigue.
  • Siam Wood essential oil is perfect for the male libido: a very good sexual tonic, it stimulates the production of testosterone so fights against the decline of sexual desire in males.
  • Ceylon cinnamon stick essential oil: for years it has been used for its aphrodisiac properties, mainly in men. Its gentle, warm and sweet smell conduces to a sensual and captivating atmosphere.

Vegetable oils

With their quick and deep penetration, vegetable oils like Hazelnut Oil or Macadamia Oil are perfect for a relaxing massage.


With all these essential oils on offer, you must have found an excuse to initiate a little sensual massage? Prepare a cosy and welcoming spot, light a few candles and place your bottles of essential oils within arm’s reach. Start your massage with your other half with 2-3 drops of your aphrodisiac massage oil diluted in vegetable oil. Favour areas such as the hollow of the kidneys or the spine. For an even more relaxing and sensual atmosphere, turn on your essential oils diffuser half an hour before your amorous moment.

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