Does removing bread help you lose weight?

Did you know that in France there exists a Bread Observatory? Created in 2006, its main objectives is to carry out nutritional research on bread and inform the French people of its results. A poll conducted in October 2018 reported that nearly 30% of respondents think that bread makes you fat. Being big consumers of bread, many French people still suppress their daily intake in order to lose weight. And yet, in reality, bread does not make you fat!

Bread is eaten with almost everything, during a meal or as a snack, by children as well as adults. Thanks to its delicious taste and texture and its ability to adapt to meals it is incredibly popular. Of course, just eating bread all day long is never a good idea, but a piece of bread to accompany a meal is recommended as it contains protein, fibre and minerals. As in pasta and rice, bread also contains complex carbohydrates which are essential to our health and well-being (and in addition to giving us immense satisfaction). It’s also important to remember that bread, on average, contains one gram of salt per 100g: especially when you are measuring your daily salt consumption!

Because it is always a good idea to vary your diet, you should do the same with bread! In the bakery, there’s no shortage of options: from the classic baguette to cornbread, wholegrain bread and breads containing seeds and even candied fruit. If you try different types of bread, you will see how nice it is to change from time to time. It’s important to realise that seeded bread or wholegrain breads are much richer in minerals and fibre than bread made from white flour. If you are lucky to have a good digestion, do not be afraid!

Bread as a snack shouldn’t be prohibited either: if eaten with a square of dark chocolate, it makes for a delicious filler for both for you and your children. And this should avoid snacking all afternoon or possibly eating sweets just before dinner time.

Bread should, therefore, be an integral part of your diet, especially if you follow the program Equilibre, as it contributes to a stable weight and a balanced diet.

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