Reflexology for a Happy Couple

Reflexology is a traditional Chinese practice that first appeared around 5000 years ago. It involves the stimulation of points (“reflex zones”) representing an organ in our body, therefore, enabling us to detect imbalances and cure certain ailments through reflexology. It is mainly practiced on the skull, the hands, the face and the feet. Foot reflexology is the most widely practiced, and often performed by people on themselves. There also exists accessories like reflexology sandals, however, nothing quite compares to consulting a trained and experienced professional.

We usually think of foot reflexology as a treatment employed to relieve stress and anxiety *, but as it turns out, it can also be quite helpful to couples. Indeed, reflexology can be used to stimulate reflex zones to treat sexual problems, pain, impotence or even your libido. A reflexologist knows these practices off by heart, adapting his practice according to the shape and needs of each patient. Some testimonials say that a single appointment has an immediate effect, but for lasting effectiveness, you usually have to have at least several sessions to work on the problem in question.

Reflexology can be considered an alternative to traditional medicine as it uses natural self-healing on your body. It is sometimes associated with aromatherapy which is often employed afterwards to improve results.

This practice is not strictly regulated, so choose a reflexologist from an institution certified by the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications). If you are really concerned about your health then there’s no substitute for a doctor’s appointment. In this case, reflexology may end up being complementary to the prescribed treatment.

Fortunately, reflexology is not the only way to revive your libido: our aphrodisiac program will help you too! Developed by our certified dietician-nutritionists, these menus, with aphrodisiac foods incorporated, can be customised to your tastes. They will help both you and your partner enhance your sexual desire, which can blow hot and cold depending on your levels of stress and anxiety. Our program allows you to have regular consultations on the phone and, in addition to supplying you with ample menus, we offer personalised advice adapted to your lifestyle. We will follow your progress carefully; and our dieticians will always be on hand in case you have questions between your appointments.

*Moghimi-Hanjani, S., Mehdizadeh-Tourzani, Z. and Shoghi, M. (2015). The Effect of Foot Reflexology on Anxiety, Pain, and Outcomes of the Labor in Primigravida Women. Acta Medica Iranica.

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