Increasing your sexual desire through sport

It’s understandable that not everyone likes to play sport and many people are sceptical that sport can actually improve your libido. However, it’s impossible to pass judgement until you actually give it a go!

There are several reasons why practicing a sport together can help stimulate both you and your partner’s sexual desire.


A shared moment practicing a sporting activity gives a couple precious time together. It helps to strengthen sentimental bonds, especially if both of you have busy working schedules. To have the time, you need to make the time and if you do, your relationship will undoubtedly be enriched! In the same way, if you have goals in common and share an activity together- without the children- it can help develop a relationship. By practicing sports together, you are effectively taking a romantic break from your busy week, and at the same time, supporting each other in your progress.

No stress

Of course, sport, especially gruelling sport,  allows you to let off steam, relieve stress and release endorphins; the hormones of happiness. Endorphins put people in a better mood in the hours that follow sports.


Sport slightly increases your body temperature, which can cause an increase in desire.


Finally, practicing physical activity increases the production of testosterone which aids the proper functioning of the sexual organs in both men and women.

However, excessive sport can decrease your libido *. Indeed, too much exercise concentrated on improving stamina can end up exhausting testosterone stocks. This normally only concerns athletes participating in endurance sports, however it is worth being aware of. 

Of course, whatever sport you practice, you should always think carefully about your diet ! That’s why we put together balanced diets which are also aimed at increasing your libido: check out the aphrodisiac program! Created by our dieticians, our menus are designed for you, and only you. We’ll start off with a friendly chat and a few questions so the dietician can get to know you and put you on the right course quickly, to avoid waiting around for the next appointment.

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