Soaking in the kitchen

Pre-soaking is an essential part of the preparation of pulses and oilseeds. It boosts their nutritional benefits, so do not skip this vital step!

Pulses (peas, beans and lentils) are a family of foods that, when integrated into your diet, has many nutritional benefits, just like oilseeds, that include nuts and seeds that are high in natural fats (e.g. sunflower).

When preparing chickpeas or dried beans, soaking is an inevitable part of the process before cooking as it reduces cooking time. On the other hand,  this step is often ignored when it comes to seeds and nuts, and as result, we consume them rather dry.

How to do it?

Chickpeas, dried beans, beans and peas need to be soaked for about 12 hours. In order to do this, place them in water and let them rest at room temperature before rinsing them before cooking.

As for oilseeds, a soaking of 8 hours is sufficient as long as you have enough water to make the seeds swell. This category includes almonds, walnuts, cashews, flaxseed, sunflower, chia … which can all be kept in the fridge and consumed for up to three days after soaking.


Soaking legumes and oilseeds triggers their germination process which disables enzyme inhibitors and anti-nutrients (these reduce the bioavailability of minerals and their absorption, therefore representing a natural defence for plants until their germination). After soaking, it is easier to digest these foods and you will be less likely to suffer from stomach sickness. Moreover, you will not only benefit from all their vitamins (vitamin E) but also calcium, magnesium and iron. A handful of seeds and oilseeds (unroasted and unsalted) a day makes for a super healthy snack!

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