Chronic pains of the intestines?

Functional colopathy, also known as irritable bowel syndrome, is often misdiagnosed. Its symptoms tend to be seen as just a common pain and are often put down to an unsuitable lifestyle and diet. Fortunately, this pathology does not cause complications, but it remains painful and uncomfortable because it is chronic and unpredictable.

It is usually manifested by repeated transit disorders (bloating, constipation, diarrhoea) associated with pain, and can occur at any age. The causes may be multiple: abnormal intestinal motility, a dysbiosis (imbalance) of intestinal microbiota, increased sensitivity to contractions of the intestines that become painful …

How to reduce pain?

In reality, everything depends on the type of events that are felt.

If you are not subject to bloating and gas and the cause is dysbiosis, try to repopulate your intestinal microbiota with dairy or fermented products. If, on the contrary, it aggravates stomach pain and increases contractions during digestion (which is relatively common), remove these foods and replace with prebiotics and probiotics which can be found in most pharmacies. Ask your doctor to choose the pre and probiotics that best fit your situation, in order to have the best strains of bacteria for your situation.

Reducing your daily stress can also help to reduce these symptoms: practice meditation, yoga, or a sport which helps alleviate tension. Auto massage is another technique that can help relieve pressure. Also, remember to immerse yourself in cultural activities, which is very effective way to calm down.

Finally, a balanced diet is important to have a regular transit: seasonal fruits and vegetables, and fibrous, oleaginous fruits are all essential to help regulate your digestion. However, if you can not stand the fermentation, often caused by raw vegetables, cook your fruits and vegetables beforehand! They will be easier to digest.

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