How to get off to a good start in your pregnancy with the help of vitamin B9?

You’ll soon know everything about this vitamin!

Vitamin B9, also known as folic acid, is needed throughout our lifetime as it helps the assimilation of other essential vitamins, especially vitamin C.

Why should we take vitamin B9?

Before becoming pregnant, it’s essential to have a good vitamin B9 intake to avoid any risk of malformation of the foetus or premature birth. Indeed, any deficiencies in the future mother will lead to difficulties in the development of the nervous system, immune system, and cell renewal, which is the main activity of the foetus!

We therefore advise you to have a sufficient intake of vitamin B9 for at least 3 months before conception, and to continue to maintain your levels for at least 8 weeks after conception. As far as it is known, taking it in excess (in natural a form) does not carry any risks, so don’t be afraid to use and abuse vitamin B9, if you want to become parents! However, maintaining these levels can be tricky to manage if you have a particular diet which is why, at Maïa Baudelaire, our dietician-nutritionists can manage the whole process for you.

Our bespoke Pregnancy Program is specifically designed to your eating habits to optimise your chances of conceiving! Being healthy parents is the first (big) step towards having an super healthy child.

Your dietician-nutritionist coach will offer you menus adapted to both your tastes and your needs, while filling in any deficiencies. So, you will never have to worry about vitamin B9 again.

Where is vitamin B9 found?

Would you like to start today? The richest food in folic acid is liver. But because not everyone likes giblets or meat, we have other more appetising solutions. Look out for vegetables such as artichokes, cabbages, spinach leaves. With an intake of just 100 grams of these legumes, you’ll have already filled a half of your daily needs! You can learn how to cook vegetables like spinach on our blog.

As an accompaniment, you should eat pulses such as white and red beans, normal beans or chickpea which are very rich in vitamin B9.

If ever, between two consultations, you have a question that can not wait for the next appointment, you can always access our chat on our App Maïa Coach® to get a quick response from your dietician nutritionist. According your chosen formula, you will have an appointment every one to two weeks. These regular consultations will help you to prepare for your future pregnancy and to then live it in total serenity.

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