What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is defined as a blood sugar regulation disorder specific to pregnancy. Indeed, it can trigger diabetes, most commonly in women already suffering from other conditions. It is, therefore, recommended that people experiencing this type of diabetes are looked after by nutritionists to regulate blood sugar levels in order to prevent any complications in both the mother and the foetus.

Gestational diabetes is reversible, in other words, it can only last the duration of a pregnancy. However, one in two women with gestational diabetes will be diabetic within 10 years of having had a child. That’s why we propose our pregnancy program that allows you to be followed remotely by a qualified dietician nutritionist – you won’t have to travel to meet your designated coach: everything is done over the phone.

Our dietician nutritionists offer a complete service, taking charge of your pregnancy by implementing a better lifestyle which is essential to the proper development of your baby. Knowing that you are being followed by a professional is not only reassuring; it also allows you to remain calm during a period which is often fraught with self-doubt and questions.

Why do I have gestational diabetes?

If you either have a history of diabetes in your family, are overweight, have already had a baby weighing more than 4kg, or are about to have another over the age 35, then you are at risk of becoming diabetic during your next pregnancy; most frequently in the second quarter. Ideally, you should take a blood glucose test before conception and have follow-ups until delivery or even after. It can still affect women without any antecedents and who follow a balanced diet. As a pregnancy increases, by nature, the risk of diabetes also increases (it affects 6% of pregnant women). It’s for this very reason, we advise any woman wishing to have a child to be followed by a qualified nutritionist. At Maia Baudelaire, our dietician nutritionist are specifically trained to help women from the moment of conception to breastfeeding or even without breastfeeding (if that is your choice) and to advise you on food diversification which, let’s face it, is a real headache. Whatever your tastes, we’ll adapt to you!

What are the risks ?

Unregulated gestational diabetes leads to an increased risk of the newborns becoming overweight leading to a difficult delivery (because of the baby’s weight). Infants will also have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes at some point during their lifetime. More importantly, abnormal blood glucose levels can increase the risk of a premature birth, putting both the mother and child in danger, and can make the mother more vulnerable to possible pre-eclampsia (hypertension).

How to avoid it?

From the moment you want to conceive, you should adapt a healthy lifestyle, including regular physical activity throughout the pregnancy (unless your doctor says otherwise), and a balanced diet adapted to your needs: your designated nutritionist-coach will send you your weekly menus to ensure your nutritional needs are met. With no deficiencies your baby will develop to its optimum state, and you will maintain a stable and satisfying weight without suffering from any stress !  Moreover, you will receive a bespoke diet and advice according to your eating habits.

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