Pregnancy is a moment of real change and upheaval for the body. Undeniably, the diet of pregnant women also has to be changed. But in food, it’s not just “solid food”. And yes, liquids should not be forgotten! Water is essential for pregnant women so it’s important to choose it carefully and know how much to consume.

What are the water needs of pregnant women?

You will have noticed, during pregnancy, your tummy gets bigger, bigger, and even bigger! Not surprising really as you have to create a cozy nest for your baby. And what do babies bathe in? Amniotic fluid! And what are they fed on? With a placenta very rich in water! And what makes it possible to provide it with all the nutrients it needs? Your blood, whose volume also increases!

In short, your body needs to develop body fluids related to its pregnancy and, as you will appreciate, all these fluids are water-based. Pregnant women should therefore take care to keep themselves well hydrated.

It is estimated that the body’s daily needs are around 2.5L per day: 1.5L / day is provided by liquids and 1L / day provided by solid foods containing water.

The idea is therefore to consume a large bottle of water per day, and to eat fruits, vegetables and dairy products with each meal.

When should you drink during your pregnancy?

Well, there’s no particular rule, you have to drink all day without exception! Divide your litre and a half in small quantities over the course of the day.

And especially… don’t wait until you’re thirsty! If you are thirsty, it is because you are already dehydrated. And if you are dehydrated, you risk a certain number of small inconveniences, in particular, transit disorders of the constipation type … Not very glamorous!

What water should you drink during pregnancy?

We are not going to lie, there are a million different types of water on the market. It’s hard to find your way around and know which water to drink while pregnant.

Rest assured, a tap water suitable for pregnant women is also quite possible. In order to eliminate any residues and limit the strong odours of chlorine or the high concentration of limestone, you can attach filters or incorporate ceramic balls.

In addition to being cheaper (or even free if you don’t use filters), tap water also helps to avoid overconsumption of plastic.

Of course, a pregnancy requires our bodies to take in more vitamins and minerals; in particular magnesium and calcium. It is not always easy to cover these needs if your diet is insufficiently diversified: this is where mineral waters become useful during pregnancy.

So, if you tend to be constipated, buy yourself in a bottle of Hépar, a water rich in magnesium. In addition, if you are not really a fan of dairy products, you can try packs of Contrex or Courmayeur which are calcium-rich waters.

If you want to fight against water retention, choose the Courmayeur which has very little sodium while remaining rich in calcium and magnesium. This is also why you should avoid consuming too much sparkling water, the sodium concentration of which is often high.

Water and pregnancy: I don’t like natural water!

Many of you don’t like plain water. That’s fine, you can always add flavour to water. Drinking lemon-flavoured water during pregnancy can be useful to calm nausea while giving you a little extra taste. In the same way, water with lemon and ginger added is even more effective for nausea. Ginger can also be consumed in all its forms and become a real ally.

Also, don’t forget that there is not only water in homemade fresh fruit juices but also in herbal teas, smoothies, soups, or even milk drinks. And if you lack imagination, our qualified dietician-nutritionists will be on hand to help you! To be a dietitian is above all to love cooking and to be imaginative in the kitchen. By registering for a pregnancy program at Maia Baudelaire, you will be able to experiment with a large number of tasty drink recipes, accompanied by balanced menus adapted to the needs of pregnant women.

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