How to eat less during the holidays?

End of year celebrations are traditionally a period of meals that are high in calories, each one seeming to be richer than the other. The bad weather doesn’t help; adding a layer by encouraging us to stay at home with hot chocolates and cakes, rather than stepping outside for a walk. But all is not lost, fortunately it is possible to keep a stable weight until the arrival of spring, despite the extended family meals.

The end of year celebrations almost merit some sort of physical preparation beforehand! Indeed, taking in some good habits before Christmas will go a long way in preventing weight gain, or will even help you lose some kilos. So now is the time to check out our Equilibrium program, either for yourself or to place under the tree for someone else: it assures participants a one-to-one follow-up and a personalised diet produced by our team of professionals. These regular meetings conducted on the phone will teach you how to eat a balanced diet according to your needs. One of our nutritionist dietitian coaches will not only be there to offer you guidance and answer your questions but also to plan your menus for the whole week, with unlimited access to our detailed recipes.

Christmas is often synonymous with excess so you may think that drastically reducing quantities of food or even skipping a meal beforehand is a good way to compensate. Well, absolutely not! We strongly discourage it! Depriving yourself a month before Christmas will cause frustration which may, potentially, surface at the Christmas table. So now is the time to make some balanced and varied meals, and above all eat according to your hunger. It is also soup season, so go and buy some leek and squash and make yourself a delicious soup which will also hydrate you.

For all the benefits it brings, we also recommend that you embark on a physical activity. The benefits are multiple: you will get some much needed winter sunshine, boost your self-confidence, maintain a stable weight (or even lose weight, depending on your diet), and enjoy your meals a lot more … And if a lack of motivation becomes an issue, your coach will be at hand to help you out the door 🙂

Finally, on the day of the big family meal, try and make the most of it. The dishes served up during the holidays are often those that are rarely eaten, sometimes unique. You’re so eager to eat them, you often end up eating far too quickly so once the meal is over, you realise that you didn’t really enjoy it. So make a habit of looking at your plate carefully, consciously taking in what’s on it and where it comes from. When you eat, pay attention to the flavours, the texture and your level of satiety. It’s called mindful eating. By eating in this manner, you will find that you will enjoy food more and will be full sooner than usual, which will help you lose or at least, maintain your weight.

Obviously, don’t forget that alcohol brings a lot of “empty” calories and moreover, in terms of nutritional value, brings you nothing. Your liver sees an alcoholic drink as a shot of pure toxins. So apply the same care to what you eat as to what you drink, opting for a glass of good quality red wine over a strong alcohol.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that to really savour the quality of your food is the best way to not overeat and it’s the best attitude to adapt during the festive period so as not to end up frustrated by depriving yourself too much. Because we all know where that can lead to….

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