How not to avoid putting on weight during confinement?

This period that we are all going through causes a decrease in physical activity and a tendency to snack. So what’s the best way to adapt to this change in our lives when our outings are so limited? Simple, – by adopting a new healthy daily life.

Because of coronavirus, some people are teleworking while others have a total suspension of their professional activity. Whether you are with or without children, having to stay at home all day is probably driving you to unhealthy snacking on a regular bases. On top of that, your ability to burn calories is drastically reduced (almost to nil) as the gyms are all closed.

This radical change in our lives tends to be demoralising for most French people: we don’t move, we eat too much, and on top of that, most of us are deprived of the sun. Not to mention the lack of social contact … think again, before starting a diet.

But what if you looked at confinement as an opportunity to find and listen to oneself again?

Shop for healthy products

At first, when you go out shopping, stock up on fresh produce, especially fruits and vegetables. Before you step out the door, make sure your shopping list has plenty of both. Then look for frozen foods which are of good nutritional quality.

Make a shopping list which is purely designed around what you plan to prepare so you’re not tempted to put sweets or other unnecessary foods in the basket.

Take the time to cook

Now that you have less transport (and less stress), you can spend that extra time on cooking! Indeed, this could be the moment when you finally kick start your campaign to use easy and appetising recipes. Our Balance program will fulfil all your needs. Between  consultations, you will receive advice from one of our dietitian nutritionists and a set of menus until your next appointment, with snacks included. This program provides you with a ready-made shopping list, as well as various menu ideas that can be adapted to preferred tastes. Our ultimate goal to allow you to maintain a stable weight without suffering. Of course, all these menus can be adapted for the whole family if you have children at home.

Do physical activity at home

Even if you can’t go out for a run or go to the gym, many apps offer free workouts. These work-outs will keep you in shape until the confinement ends. Motivating friends to follow these sessions with you (remotely) will in itself, be a second source of motivation and allow you to keep in touch with those around you (and hopefully not get depressed).

Cook your own snacks

If you get hungry between 10am and 4 pm, make sure you have plenty of home-made snacks. It is possible to eat balanced snacks to satisfy hunger – check out our suggestions on the site. Your dietitian nutritionist coach can also provide you with several delicious recipes.

However, it’s important to pay attention to your feelings: are you really hungry, or is it gluttony? Maybe you eat too much because you are bored or because you are stressed. This is a good opportunity to think about your eating tendencies and to discuss them with your nutritionist coach to find a foolproof eating balance.

In any case, take good care of yourself and the people around you.

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