Why should we return to the markets?

After confinement, many of us want to establish new habits, both for our health and for the planet. Going to the market seems like a trivial act but it helps us to adapt to new, healthier eating habits and to protect the environment.

This enforced time spent at home has given many people a sense of priority. Paying more attention to our daily habits can have a very positive impact on our health and on the environment. Even before confinement, many French people, were shopping in the local market as well as shopping in supermarkets. Despite the need to respect the rules of hygiene and to keep distances, going to the market has many advantages for everyone, especially after confinement. So when your market opens again, don’t hesitate to stock up on fresh produce!

So why go to the market?

To find good quality products! Produce found in the markets are often of better quality than those found in supermarkets. Take, for example, fresher fish, especially if you live relatively close to the sea. Also, the products found in markets are generally less processed as they are handmade. They will therefore have fewer additives and their Siga score will probably be better.

To consume in season and locally

There is nothing better than fruit and vegetable markets for eating in season: small producers follow the seasons, harvesting produce which is better tasting and more respectful to nature. Thus, there is no risk of buying Spanish tomatoes grown in greenhouses during the month of January. It also pollutes less, thereby helping the environment, by drastically reducing emissions in transport by boat and plane.

To learn how to eat in season with delicious and quick recipes, you can work with one of our qualified dietitian-nutritionists, who, over a three month period, will accompany you towards a healthier diet. In the Balance program, you will set your goals together and then benefit from regular consultations. By the end of the program, you will be a seasoned consumer and will be able to read labels, save money and eat varied and be able to provide delicious vegetable dishes for children… All the subjects that interest you can be discussed with your dietitian nutritionist coach.

So that producers are better paid

By choosing French and, even better, local, you will help by respecting the work of local producers, allowing them to live properly which is not always the case on foreign farms. At the end of the day, it’s the producer who sets his prices and decides to lower them if he has stock left over.

This will also help these producers to get over the crisis caused by confinement which has, in some cases, prevented them from selling their products.

If there is no market near you, there is a company, called “Who’s the boss?!”, whose whole concept is based around supplying products at the right price and according to consumer demand. It offers a multitude of products designed by consumers: a frozen pizza, cow’s milk, wheat flour, sweet and savoury butter … anything can be asked for.

These products are now available on the shelves of many supermarkets. Through a democratic process, you contribute by selecting your budget, the desired quality, the remuneration of the manufacturer and finally, the specifications of the product.

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